I know we're all different thinkers, but I'm just curious if there is a consensus view among atheists regarding firearms?

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I believe in self defense. If A criminal can bring a gun to a fight, I should have the right to protect myself with an equal amount of defense. i.e. don't bring a knife to a gun fight. I'd vote in an across the board gun ban if the government could effectivly collect every gun avalible. Hell, i'd even pay some extra sales tax or whatever to fund the effort. The fact is that they can't and won't be able to enforce a gun ban ever. They can regulate the sale of guns and they can bust people they find that have them, but, they can't fix the problem. We will find other ways to aquire guns, law abiding citizens and criminals alike. I have a conceal and carry here in Oklahoma, but, when i go to NYC I carry a very very nasty knife on me. Believe you me, if you make me feel that my life or the life of my family, or friends is in danger by attacking me or you try and take something from me. i'm going to kill you. Period. I don't care if guns didn't even exist, or even if I have no weapons. If I feel you are threatening my life, im going to take yours by any way possible to save my own. Gun or bare hands and I won't feel a bit of guilt or empathy for your family or anything, why? because you had no right to try and take my life.
i support your self defensive statement but killing?
i would say seriously injure, or incapacitate is efficient enough, of course i wont say that killing isnt the way in a situation that doesnt allow you to be careful or show restraint
Center mass and shoot to stop the threat. Once the threat has been neutralized, I would try and do what I could to save their life. However, if they die in the process of me stopping them as a threat, oh well.
You wouldn't be so flippant if the "threat" turned out to be a loved one and you shot without assessing the situation.
Then I'd imagine I'd be having a pretty bad day. I don't think I'd shoot someone without first positively identifying the target, and knowing what is beyond that target. I'd be breaking rule #4 if I didn't do that.
If it were family then it's not a threat. If you are assuming that i'd just pull the trigger in a panic then you are wrong. Attackers are met with equal force and lethality. Someone who is unarmed and not threating my life wont get a bullet to the head or a knife to the neck.
Just because you wouldn't doesn't mean it hasn't happened.
I can't be held responsible for the mistakes of others. Education is the key, if they choose not to educate themselves and an accident happens the only one to blame is themselves.
Fair enough.
Its depressing to hear that kind of statement in a forum of atheists. One would hope that reason would prevail over paranoia and violence as an automatic response to threat.

If you are really concerned about self defense, take a martial arts course, or move to an area where gun violence is rare. If neither of those is possible and you have a high likelyhood of being attacked at any given moment by gun wielding assailants, vote to improve your local youth centers and counselling efforts. Get involved in your community and turn it around from the grassroots. Guns are the dumb persons answer to violence. Rational, intelligent people understand that violence begets violence. Thinking, logic, ethics, empathy, and reason are the only ways to stop the cycle of violence.
I do live in a place where shootings on the corner of my block are common.

Excellent reason to be in favor of banning all guns in all civilian areas - Britain doesn't have gun crime for a reason.
Because guns arn't the popular culture. it has nothing to do with gun laws, we could outlaw guns here in teh US but that wouldnt change a thing.




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