I know we're all different thinkers, but I'm just curious if there is a consensus view among atheists regarding firearms?

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You might want to have some idea of who you are talking to before you run your mouth.  I am in America.
then dont tell lies ! guns help keep good folke safe!!
Like all those people in Arizona?  Or don't you think the victims were good?  Besides, I never said anything about banning guns just pointing out that semi-automatics have one purpose and one purpose only--to kill a lot of people.  Unless you think all guns are semi-automatic please point out were I said that all guns should be banned?  What lies have I been telling?
GUNS DONT KILL if you dont like guns you can all ways move to UK!! NO Semi shoud be banned! if all of them had a gun on them maybe thay wood been safe if KId over 21 at virgen tec may have when nother way! gun safe life they are a good tool! if we got rid of guns bad will still have them look uk and aus they still have gun crime not police job protect you by time they get there you been rape or kill! That why no other country has ever invade mane land USA!
What is the point of having semi automatics?  Yeah, I would really feel safe if ever met you and we got into this argument knowing that you could kill me.  yeah, THAT would make me feel real safe.
just becaue i have gun dose not mean i wood hurt some one theres notheing wrong with semi at all bad womem or men will all ways have them im a target every day for be transgender we just had one kill in minnesota. guns keep are country safe & free !! you shoud watch this Charlton Heston; From My Cold Dead Hands

Weapons should only be able to bought by license holders who have complete a safety/training course for each respective class, similar to the motor vehicle licensing process.


@Seany Spradlin  That does not explain why semi automatics should be legal.  There were people in the grocery store who had guns.  A lot of good that did them. 

And you posts are starting to look like you are a raving lunatic.  Just because you are heated doesn't mean you can use run-on sentences and no punctuation.  You want people to take you seriously then write properly.  And answer the questions posed to you not just NRA talking points.

IT CALL the Second Amendment that why it shoud legal yes my spelling sucks big time!! im not a raving lunatic. im very pash in proteck my self from get gay bash you shoud all so read Second Amendment  with out it then we lose the first Amndment thay go hand and hand!
There are limits to the first amendment so why not the second?  Please do not insult my intelligence, I am well aware of what the second amendment says.  I disagree that it gives the public the right to own guns even though we should be allowed to have certain types of guns.

then MOVE TO THE UK then it is un amercan ant gun this county was found on guns if we did have then we lose all are right as a amercan Just move! it keep are goverment at bay !!

You no longer are sounding like a raving lunatic you are one.  Come back and discuss this once you actually comprehend what people are telling you.




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