I know we're all different thinkers, but I'm just curious if there is a consensus view among atheists regarding firearms?

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You guys can open carry in AZ right?  So to carry concealed you had to have a permit, but if you had a holstered weapon in plain view this was acceptable without a permit?  I really don't see what the big deal is if you guys allow open carry without a permit.  If you are carrying properly concealed, no one but trained people will know you have a weapon on you.  If you do it right, they might not even know you are carrying.  That's the whole point of carrying concealed.   

not surprising.  The regulations and gun laws in the us are only really meant to provide a modicum of responsibility to crime here.. once in possession, there's no way to regulate what happens with the weapons..  I guess that lends itself to the paradox that gun laws only really work to control those people who use guns legally, while the real problem and need for the laws are the people who use them illegally.

We also have a drug law problem.  When was the last time you saw an Al Capone running an alcohol distributor?  You drive a high demand trade underground, it drives up prices and invites criminals to take over the trade.  We should not be incarcerating people for medical problems.

I have a perfect solution to the crime in Mexico.  Legalize drugs.

legalize and regulate.  use taxing the drugs for education and drug awareness~ "if you are going to use, at least know what you are doing to your body."


Susan, you suggest legalizing drugs in Mexico as a solution to crime.  Mexico very recently decriminalized the possession of small amounts of drugs.  Each drug has its own limit.  The point is to ignore personal use and only control sale,  Let's see if it makes a difference.  OR - did you mean we should legalize drugs in the U.S.?  That I agree with.

did you mean we should legalize drugs in the U.S.?  That I agree with.


Actually, I meant both.

I showed that the the assertion that we are supplying the majority of firearms to the cartels in Mexico is a complete myth at the beginning of this thread.  Do some of our weapons end up in Mexico?  Yes.  Can you correlate reliable data from firearm tracing?  No.  Not all guns seized are traced, or even traceable.  From my understanding, the majority of their weapons are military grade and are smuggled in, and not by the U.S.  Hell, the rapper, TI, got a hold of a machine guns in Georgia.  It's a commodity.  If you want it bad enough, you can get it.

The funny thing is some of the loose machine guns can be tied to our wars overseas.




One white supremacist soldier, James Douglas Ross, a military intelligence officer stationed at Fort Bragg, was given a bad conduct discharge from the Army when he was caught trying to mail a submachine gun from Iraq to his father's home in Spokane, Wash. Military police found a cache of white supremacist paraphernalia and several weapons hidden behind ceiling tiles in Ross' military quarters. After his discharge, a Spokane County deputy sheriff saw Ross passing out fliers for the neo-Nazi National Alliance.



Not that the US Government is the only source.  I'm sure plenty of old weapons from the Cold War are still passing hands.

One of the fucked up things i learned in basic training is that a few years ago an american Iraqi went through several years of training and got his green beret.  then once he was deployed and sent to the middle east, he went awol.  then we got info that he was training insurgents and the taliban in green beret tactics (special forces, our best).  its not just our weapons that are stolen but our discipline and research into the most effective military tactics.


He graduated in the top of his class too.


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