I know we're all different thinkers, but I'm just curious if there is a consensus view among atheists regarding firearms?

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@Seany Spradlin  That does not explain why semi automatics should be legal.  There were people in the grocery store who had guns.  A lot of good that did them. 

And you posts are starting to look like you are a raving lunatic.  Just because you are heated doesn't mean you can use run-on sentences and no punctuation.  You want people to take you seriously then write properly.  And answer the questions posed to you not just NRA talking points.

IT CALL the Second Amendment that why it shoud legal yes my spelling sucks big time!! im not a raving lunatic. im very pash in proteck my self from get gay bash you shoud all so read Second Amendment  with out it then we lose the first Amndment thay go hand and hand!
There are limits to the first amendment so why not the second?  Please do not insult my intelligence, I am well aware of what the second amendment says.  I disagree that it gives the public the right to own guns even though we should be allowed to have certain types of guns.

then MOVE TO THE UK then it is un amercan ant gun this county was found on guns if we did have then we lose all are right as a amercan Just move! it keep are goverment at bay !!

You no longer are sounding like a raving lunatic you are one.  Come back and discuss this once you actually comprehend what people are telling you.

all you are is a neo nazi  un amercan!!

The neo-nazis in this country would probably agree with your position on guns.
Its not gun that did it was the MAD MAN he coud yous a car bomb wood we ban cars then? mad men and women dont have yous a gun  if he kick her to death wood we ban nike shoes? there will all ways be crazy out there!!
I think you need to calm down.  It is affecting your reading comprehension.  Nobody is saying no guns at all just that they need to be regulated just like certain speech needs to be regulated or are you an anarchist?
We dont need any more regulate we need in force law we all ready have quit give deal to crimanals make stay full forse in jail .
Wow!  Your spelling and grammar have managed to get even worse.
i sead my spelling suck


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