I know we're all different thinkers, but I'm just curious if there is a consensus view among atheists regarding firearms?

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She didn't.  I saw where the logical progression of the argument could have been headed.
This certainly raises an interesting question.  Should store owners and residents be obligated to inform those in potential danger that they possess firearms on themselves or the premises?  Most homes aren't bulletproof by any stretch of the imagination, nor are places of business.  So should customers, passersby, and neighbors be made aware of the danger they're placed in?

Like I said, I was simply wanting to understand how you explain taking the extra risk. I don't have any official stand on 'gun' control, it's one of those rare issues where I don't believe me! hehe :)


But lets ponder on additional question, your putting your life at stake by 'gun' ownership... one who smokes cigarettes trades the risk to life for a sense of enjoyment, as does a motorcyclist, so it's at its essence hedonism in exchange for risk. Now if you're dead, you didn't achieve protection, so what exactly is it that you're exchanging death for, it's not hedonism that for sure...

Who says I don't enjoy going to the range for target practice?  That being said, I exchange the opportunity of being able to defend myself.  That's all you get is the opportunity.  To quote No Country For Old Men, "Point bein', even in the contest between man and steer the issue is not certain."  Without that opportunity, I'm at the sole "mercy" of the person using violence to do whatever it is that they are doing to me.  I also make myself less of a target for violent crime.  The best people to rob I imagine would be the ones you know that don't have guns. 

Two convenience store operators (or fathers) on same street, side by side, have robbery

-one that defended with gun is dead, and robbed, and family fatherless

-one that did not escalate is robbed, alive, and still a father.


For your family, which one do you chose?

You present a false choice.  There are two other situations that could arise.  First, the store owner successfully defends his property and injures, kills, or scares off the robber.  The other one is the person that did not escalate gets shot anyways.  Both are plausible outcomes to that situation.  Thinking that someone willing to rob you at gunpoint isn't willing to just shoot you for the hell of it is quite naive.  My choice is to give the shop owner the ability to choose how he wants to protect himself and his property.  If he wants to have a gun fine, if not fine, it is his choice, and he lives with the consequences of his choice.

Well, I don't really think about that.  Maybe I have a higher death wish than most people.  Really to me it's just being more safe than sorry, and my overall distrust of humans.  I may live in a decent neighborhood, but you don't have to go far at all before you're in some nasty areas.  Just a couple of miles in certain directions.  I've lived in some of those areas too.  It's a nice wake up call when people are shooting each other in your back yard, and I do mean that literally.


Yeah, if the day ever comes when someone does try to rob me or something, I may get killed.  It could happen to any of us.  But "Bob"dammit, I'm at least going to take the cocksucker down with me in the process.

[...] Really to me it's just being more safe than sorry [...]

How is being dead '"more safe"? I'm sorry I'm just not seeing the logic here :(

If I could understand that, I think I might better understand the pro-gun faction...

For one, you're assuming that the robber will be a quicker and better shot than I am.  He even may have only a knife.  You can't guarantee who survives in a given situation.  Contrary to your example, the robber doesn't always win.  I'm willing to take that chance then to just lay down and submit.
You can use that excuse for any type of self defense.
It's not an excuse, it's justifiable self defense, we all have a right to.
Heh, he may only have a knife? I don't like those odds in close combat. Nor would I particularly enjoy being a bystander when you panic fire with your pistol while under duress.


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