I know we're all different thinkers, but I'm just curious if there is a consensus view among atheists regarding firearms?

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Handguns are for kids, robbers, etc. To back down the rich and the religious and to keep the government off our backs, we need long guns.
My opinion is that if guns aren't allowed, criminals will find a way to get them, then be free to do as they please because the civilians will be unarmed, and unable to do anything but yell for help. I made sound crazy, but I think more civilians should have some sort of way to protect themselves besides their bare fists.
Because it isn't like other weapons exist.  And other countries do just fine with civilians not having access to guns.

dear folks, I thought about this question and logicaly  having guns does not really make sense. there are a couple of arguments that do not hold water

1. self defense; if i am assulting you and i have a gun pointed at you , your best bet is to not fight because what might have been just a robbery will then become a killing, yours.

if you are home and some one comes in there is a chanch you might get the drop on them or if they are already holding a gun a burglery becomes a killing 50--50 odds yours.

another problem, is if you use deadly force and the criminal is not armed you may have a legal problem

another problem, people panick and start shooting thinking I thought someone had a gun ask any military firearms instructor about the phenomona of lots of folks with guns hearing what may be a gunshot

there are lots of other  reasons but the fbi files show that most folks are shot by relatives(!) or folks they know.

I think we should ban hand guns,and make the mfg / import of them illegal, make mandatory life sentence any one using a hand gun in a crime, make modification of rifles illegal, and melt every one yu get, by impounding or buying. it will take a while but the effect will be that hand guns will not be readily available if at all.

for the hunters they can still have rifles.

Yeah, I guess that 2nd amendment thing doesn't mean what it states.  >:-(
Do you know what a militia is?

There was Atheist Nexus Militia but it was 'disappeared' some time ago. Relics of the  organisations artwork still survive in archives;

Yeah, the police.  It is a separated statement.  The text: "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."  It recognizes that a police force is needed for the security of the state, at the same time the people's right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.  If it stated that it was the right of the militia, it would state as such.  The founding fathers just fought a war where people brought their own guns to fight the war with and realized that disarming the populace was a major necessary step to allow tyranny to happen.  Nobody is stating you have to have a gun.  You can't take other peoples' guns as it is their right outlined in our constitution. 


please think logicaly; if i intend to use a gun for a crime i will have my gun cocked and ready. even if you have a gun and go for it i will shoot you first, then rob your body and take your gun too;, net results you have still been robbed, and i now have an extra gun. and oh by the way you are dead

but if you had given me the money you would not be dead and i would not have a second gun. and maybe you could identify me to the police.

What does the other guy look like now?
This type of defensive firearm use happens a LOT.  It doesn't get sensationalized, because a) no one got shot, and b) it's usually not reported to police.
I am thinking logically.  You know the logical first person to rob?  The person I know who doesn't have a gun.  It's an equalizer, not a guarantee.  If you enjoy being a target, then so be it.  Don't make me a target with you.



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