I know we're all different thinkers, but I'm just curious if there is a consensus view among atheists regarding firearms?

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Sorry for the repetition. This site had a tech problem.
If the comparison is apt then fine. This isn't
Reductio ad Hitlerum. You automatically lose.
Godwin's rears its ugly head again.
Actually the "Kentucky Long Rifle" was a rifled weapon and was used by some of the colonial rebels. The British troops all used the "Brown Bess" - a musket.
"Oh, I see you've beaten your wife. We're taking your guns away." Precisely! The guy that I mentioned killing his family had been hospitalized twice for his mental illness. His cousin called the hospital to tell them that he had a gun, was upset about his girlfriend leaving him and said "he was going to use it." Laws need to be in place to protect us from people like this. The hospital did relate this to the authorities after they released him and committed the murders/suicide.
I don't see anything fundamentally wrong with compelling people to register a gun.

"A well regulated militia...", one would think that any well regulated militia would need to know who has the guns and records of same.
I don't own a hand gun, but I completely support gun ownership.
I own guns and support the right to do so. But... the southern states with the weakest gun control laws are the suppliers for illegal weapons to felons all over this country and the source for most of the weapons being used in the Mexican drug wars that are decimating that counties states that border the US.

Whether you love or hate Michael Moore, his documentary, Bowling for Columbine, was a thoughtful look at the American culture of gun ownership and the violence that is unique to America among developed nations. BTW MM is a longstanding member of the NRA. For those that haven't seen the movie, here is a link to a good synopsis. The section that suggest causes for gun violence it the US is particularly interesting.
Woops, here is the link and I fat fingered "country's" into counties

I also find it interesting that Canadians can own guns, yet they have much less gun violence than the US. MM actually goes into the WalMart and buys ammo and they don't even ask for an ID or proof of anything. I also find it interesting that Canada seems to be A LOT more secular than the US....co-ink-e-dink? Hmmmmmm.......interesting......
In Switzerland every able bodied male between 18 and 55 is required to have a gun (supplied by the government) as part of military readiness - the gun crime is negligible. OTOH, similar requirements were in place in the former Yugoslavia but when the country fell apart the preponderance of guns did not help the situation.


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