guy eats other guys face off (who know what drugs abusing yikes...) and german girl enslaved in bosnia!?

One of the neighbours told local media he once witnessed Milenko Marinkovic harness the girl to a horse cart and whip her while she pulled it.

"I could not watch them beat and starve her any more," he said.
sounds biblical.. xtians in bosnia?

unreal but real w/drug abuse and just plain failed culture!?

don't mix unprescribed medicine w/cocaine? - heard that in a rap song
actually is some holiday hip-hop fest in s.beach this weekend btw..

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you know like this asshole.. being the metrosexual/closet right wing that could not be patient enough in hiphop cultures...

i wonder how many fox news journalists? yeah right.. anchors etc.. sympathized with brevik.. fkn' disgusting

as for the face-eater in miami.. pfffft... too bad that weed's not legal.. you'll have more deaths due to the toxic powder fill in.. which is just synth angel dust laced with!? fuck knows i never would go near shit like that

I work in the local hospital...big enough city to see cocaine users a lot.  One report said they suspect some sort of cocaine use was involved.

We see folks who mix cocaine and alcohol...for some...this kind of trip is the result.  Crazy scary cause the likely hood of a cocaine abuser drinking is pretty high, no pun  intended.

however if the guy he was eating wakes up and starts craving bwains I'm grabbing another shotgun.


lol, "this kind of trip is the result" Really?  Have a lot of drunk cocaine addicts eating faces where you are?

I heard that news. That guy was on drugs.

I think Mr. Face eater had more problems than the drugs he was taking....the face isn't even the best part.

So tell us....  what is the best part?  Oh wait, I don't want to hear it.

My impression is it is a semi-new drug called "bath salts" which is not in any way related to the lavender - scented stuff you might have in your bathroom.  But who knows?  Lot of weird stuff going around.

what's up w/all this xtians ? or women being raped in church or whatever cult house...

found in my email box:
On May 1, soldiers from Burma's military held a woman captive in a church for three days, not far from my hometown. "Ngwa Wi" (not her real name) was beaten, stabbed and raped until she became mentally deranged, while her neighbor was forced to watch.

I know Ngwa Wi's story is not uncommon. The Burmese military employs systematic rape, torture, and murder when big corporations want access to our land for mining, drilling and other natural resources.

Despite this, last week the U.S. government announced it will suspend sanctions on American investment in Burma. That means American companies can join the frenzy for natural resources in my homeland, and Burma's military will step up their atrocities. Ngwa Wi's suffering could be repeated hundreds, if not thousands of times all over my country.

But there are a few weeks before the Obama Administration will issue the Executive Order to suspend sanctions on Burma. That's why I started a petition on calling on U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to include protections for my people before suspending sanctions on American businesses in Burma. Click here to sign my petition.

Abuses like rapes, killings and beatings cluster near major projects financed by foreign companies like drilling for natural gas and oil. Though my country is starting to escape a 50-year military dictatorship, there's still no rule of law in Burma. Soldiers like the ones that raped Ngwa Li are never brought to justice -- sometimes, those are even their orders.

But Secretary Clinton can prevent atrocities from happening because of American businesses in Burma. I know petitions have helped Secretary Clinton to speak out on human rights issues in the past. Last year, Saudi women petitioned Secretary Clinton to call for women's right to drive -- and she did, reversing her initial position because of their petition.

If enough people speak out and tell Secretary Clinton that she can't leave us without any protections against American companies' thirsts for our resources -- and the military's terrifying tactics -- she will listen.

_________regards to cannibal in miami story (huge conversation starter)

Time to readdress theZombie Safe-House competition.


Looks like the realty industry is on top of this challenge, with offerings that are also Zombie-safe.  Anybody got a few extra million dollars for a safe place to live?


I like the island zombie-proof houses.  Although I read somewhere that zombies can tie together dead bodies to make rafts to get to your house.

Should the drug be named lazerus?


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