Guys try watching Kill zone 2 intro pretending the helgast are nation full of atheist. You can feel the pride

Just watch the intro pretend the helgan are culture of people that believe in secularism and freedom. Just pretend the ISA is bunch of invading theocratic fascist. THEN FEEL THE PRIDE. I think we need this sort of organization! Imagine how strong we can become!

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OK, I get it, but much like the reality of the position of Atheism today, a fantasy to see us in such an organized group.  But maybe it's beginning.  I am retired military, and a member of MAAF.  Maybe a beginning.

dude.. gotta dig that blurred running or dashing.. i hear the latest kzone games are like halucinagenic etc.. but that's gameinformer talkin.. i got some apps on my ipod touch whaaaat? fkn' wild! peace!




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