Ok, Had a great morning today training, only problem, the hymns being blasted through the hi-fi...

Isnt there any rule against playing that stuff in a public area???

The only problem is, if I don't like it I should just change gym and from paying R100 to paying R750 a month, and I don't find that fair.

I suppose this is just a rant from a nutter south african, just wandering if this happens america's side too.

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Weird.  I cannot imagine training to hymns. Plug in the itunes.  We have a gym in my town that is run by a church, also cheeper option.  Find good anti-theist music ..ie Bad Religion.  Good luck training friend.

Why would anyone work out to hymns. That's just -- not workout-able. I can't even... Ugh.

If my gym did that I'd leave.

Otherwise get an iPod and drown it out. The gym at my music's terrible so that's what I do anyway.


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