H2, Sister Cable Network to A&E, Does Best Scientology Expose' To Date

You may recall the brouhaha attendant to A&E's defense of Duck Dynasty, its top ranking "reality TV show" (quotes because these shows have a cutting ratio as big as most feature movies). Human rights advocates lambasted the network as a formerly high brow venue for classical music, ballet, opera, and foreign films, fallen on lowest common denominator in depicting the lives of a clan of cedar choppers making a fortune on instruments of torture to water fowl even as they decry lgbt-queer rights "'cuz the Buy Bull tells us so."  Wags pointed out that it would do no good to boycott A&E since nobody who would care watches their lineup anyway. But as it turns out, A&E's sister cable network, H2 (I think it's for History Channel Two), has now presented the best all-'round expose' of Scientology yet.

Perhaps emboldened by the recent best selling book examining the faux religion from inside-out, a groundbreaking work since the "church:" has been vigilant in harassing and/or prosecuting its detractors, including those former members like Marty Rathbun. A highly-placed Scientologist who flew the coop and moved, briefly, to a community just north of my home, Rathbun was living peacefully until Scientologist snoops and stalkers started coming 'round thrusting camcorders in his face and hassling him in every imaginable way. What people don't seem to know, but would after the H2 broadcast of its program, "America's Book of Secrets," is that Scientology is almost as aggressive as the Mafia in attacking former members. Since the episode on Scientology airing April 3, 2014 kicked off "Secrets'" third season, the producers made sure it was anything but fluff. Interviewed were all of the "suppressives" that have been tightening the noose around this Cult of Old Mother Hubbard, a SciFi writer manque' and former occultist associated with Aleister Crowley's O.T.O. by way of American member John W. ("Jack") Parsons. Not only Rathbun but the sister of the Grand Panjandrum and Pope of Scientology, David Miscarriage Miscavige, weigh in on the totalitarian ways of the "religion" and ill-treatment of those who attempt to leave with misgivings about their overall experiences as members.

What is more -- and it doesn't come until late in the program -- we get an insight into the pyramid scheme structure whereby members buy their salvation from simply being human and the means of enslaving the brainwashed "congregants" into towing the line: a skin galvinometer. That's right. The E-Meter, by which monitors "clear" initiates of neuroses (think of a high tech lie detector administrator) is nothing but a specialized reader of fluctuations in skin temperature, moisture, &c. But it functions the same way as the confessional in Roman Catholic cultism. (The Hail Mary's are designed to keep you mindful of your obligation to the Church. Similarly, the rosary beads are supposed to make you "high" on the dogma.) Scientologists are like the wealthy widows in the movie, Nightmare Alley, about a carnival con, a psychic who pretends to read nightclub customers' deepest thoughts -- those conveyed to the carny in a tux by a confederate standing by the customer's table and picking up clues related through code to the carny. No wonder atheists like the Great Randi attack such foolishness with enormous zeal.

Ever wonder why neither Tom Cruise nor John Travolta has left Scientology after all these years? Their neuroses are now property of Miscavige, the top of the Ponzi scheme pyramid. He can pull their chains by telling them they will be exposed should they try to leave. (For years, the tabloid press has ascribed "deviate" sexual orientations to both actors, and Cruise successfully sued one publication. Just because the paper had no proof does not mean it was lying.) These cults operate so as to attract celebrities, which in turn attract groupies and naive, gullible others. The H2 program was not without levity, poking fun at those who suppose that if they only join Scientology they will chum around with Cruise and Travolta. In all probability, they will never even be in the same room with them. If you missed the program, H2 probably will rebroadcast it. Definitely a good hour well spent on cult-busting. (Below: Miscavige with his Hubbardian medals; Miscavige and his niece, Jenna Miscavige Hill, who today disses the cult; Miscavige PhotoShopped as Pope, and one of the Scientology real estate  holdings -- from California to Florida, tax-free.)

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I saw this programme. The tactics they use to make people loose it are really insidious, among other things. I'm staying as far away from this creepy shit as possible!

I think few people could handle being persecuted by scientologists.

I've had a run in of sorts with Scientology in my lifetime. Somehow I started recieving their literature at a time that I also was recieving offers from one of Houston's biggest cemeteries about buying a plot. It turned out that this was not a co-incidence. They were working together, and the salesman for the plots was most likely a Scientology member. When I refused to buy he told me in anger everything that Scientology was telling me. I came unglued bigtime!

Uh, I thought that the way Scientology worked was that records are kept by the meter operators of exactly what buttons may be pushed on what person being "cleared." The process is depicted in Godfather III where Ralf Vallone, as Cardinal Lamberto, meets Michael Corleone in a garden and takes his confession after first assuring the Mafia don that their conversation is sanctified and privileged and that no matter how great Michael believes his sin, God forgives him. Does the priest go back to his office and jot down what he has, by psychological methods, extracted from the confessing parishioner? I don't know, but this may have been what director Francis Ford Coppola intended. After all, he follows this "meeting in the garden" with images of bodies hanging from bridges, the assassination of a pope, and scandal attendant to the Vatican Bank, all fully documented in various books possibly overlooked by American Catholics. That's what they have their censors for. To my way of thinking, the much-maligned Godfather III, while slow to develop this theme, is about my favorite of the three. He actually told the truth about the RCC and got away with it.

I came across this show on my TV listings the other night, and I meant to watch it when it aired, but I forgot. Does anyone know when they'll be re-airing it?

This is on Youtube (of course!).  The whole thing, broken up into segments. 

It's a good idea to learn about these things, it immunizes you somewhat. 

There was a very good documentary some time ago about Scientology. It was made by a Brit. If you remember that, do you know what it was called?

Don't know.  But Louis Theroux says he's working on a "non-judgmental" documentary about Scientology.  The "non-judgmental" part may be the wriggling worm on the hook ...




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