On Thursday I helped build a habitat house around where I work.  I met the girl who will be moving into the house with her husband and little daughter.  I also saw a lot of good people working hard to do it right.  They had a prayer at the first break and a prayer at lunch and everyone kept telling the girl she was blessed.  I never did see god.  The only people I saw building that house were regular people like you and me.  Why would god let a heathen like me help "one of his flock"?  Those bastards stole our word too - humanity!

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Funny how Jesus never shows up for anything that people do in his name. Oh, well, at least they are doing a lot of good for others.
Ever so briefly I thought about standing up and walking away a little ways from the prayer but the fact that they would look confused and the look of  "disbelief" that would ensue stopped me.  Call me a pansy...

Passing gas. Silent, yet poignant. :)


Of course, if it smells like rotten eggs, they might claim it's a demon.

I am amused by this.
Imagine the hilarity if you had gone off a little ways and knelt on your hands and knees, bowing with your forehead on the ground to pray to Allah!




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