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It seems that T.Haggard will be opening up a new church, changing his basic tenets and using less hateful speech.  Seems a gay affair opened his eyes?  If other churches follow his lead, it could be a positive change in the right winger church field.  I'm always please when the religious people take more logical approaches to sensitive issues like sexuality.  Could this be a new trend?  Inclusiveness & equal rights?  If so, then I'm happy for a little bit.  If religion won't go away, at least it could change.


Haggard says his new congregation will take some new stances.

"I believe the Bible teaches we should have heterosexual, monogamous relationships, and that can be inculcated into law and form families,
etc. Now, that's inside the church. How that applies outside the church
in civil law is a totally different discussion," he said. "I believe in
civil law there should be total equality under the law. So if
heterosexuals get certain benefits for heterosexual relationships, then
homosexuals should get those same benefits in their homosexual
committed relationships. And that's what I'm going to teach our

The new church will be called St. James, Haggard says, after the author of the Book of James, who wrote "Faith without work is dead. In other words, do your

His former congregation grew to 14,000 at its peak. But he says he has no numerical goals for the new church.

"I'm too old for that. I'm a little tired and I've been beaten up. I've had adequate rejection for a lifetime," he said. "And so I just I want to meet with
those who want to meet and I'm going to be contented and satisfied with
that. And if that means 80 people, that's fine. If it means 8,000,
that's fine, too. I'll do the same things regardless of the number of
people that decide to come and participate. But certainly I would
rather have more participate than less."

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If this is really as good as it sounds, then good for him. Personally, I wouldn't have nearly any problem with religion if they could keep it personal and separate their politics from their churches.
Geeze, I thought this was a story about Merle Haggard!!
I call BS on his "cured" homosexuality...He must be running low on funds..Time to fleece a few thousand sheep a week.
Cured of his love of man ass and meth. Hallaluia. Thank you Jesus and send checks and money orders to.....




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