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Horrendous events provoke irrational responses, although I prefer the constructive suggestion made by Italian Socialist Oddino Morgari when an earthquake that killed twice as many as in Haiti struck Messina, Sicily in 1908: such disasters make it necessary to invent God in order to curse Him.

By the way, the 1755 earthquake in Lisbon, Portugal was a turning point in the history of atheism. Occuring at the right time during the Age of Reason, it made a lot of ordinary people ask why God would do such a thing, or if He even existed. The Catholic Church's blaming and punishing sinners amid the ruins (portayed by Voltaire in Candide) didn't help much, either.
And to call the saved child,whose parents are most likely dead,and who is scarred for life perhaps physically and emotionally a miracle...Sheesh!
Those poor kids will have nightmares for the rest of their lives about this.
"When are journalists going to stop wasting time with the bullshit hopeful human interest stories and get back to exposing the evil doers that cause such destruction through greed and neglect."

When pigs flap their ears and fly through the air.
"When pigs flap their ears and fly through the air."

Don't be silly. The pigs are going to sprout wings and fly, just like they do here in Cincinnati.

let alone that 80% are Catholic, and the avg. age is 25-30. and the church is telling them not to use birth control, it just adds to the out of control population numbers. It just adds to my frustration w/ the media and the so called "miracles" that are takin place. (shaking my head).
Actually, what is worse than that is the behavior of the U.S., (once again), and the handling of the operations.

The "leadership" of this country is as worthless as tits on a boar hog. Just truly pathetic; albeit, indicative of our government.
Read the entire article, it deems that the U.S. handling is fit for criticism.

Playing for pissing rights has nothing to do with availing the people in need from the conditions; yet, in standard form, the general in charge is more worried about expressing authority/control. If we had any leadership in our government, Chairman Maobama, would have already made the call and addressed the situation; but, he's a typical spineless, inept prostitician.

The U.S. has completely taken over Port-au-Prince airspace and incoming flights have to register with Tyndall Air Force Base in Florida, said Chief Master Sgt. Ty Foster, Air Force spokesman here.

"You won't have the stray cats and dogs allowed to come into the airspace and clog it up," he said.

"We're a kilometer (half a mile) from the airport and we're going to die of hunger."



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