I am listening to a radio discussion on the sad deaths at the haj pilgrimage. It is a talk about poor crowd management but everybody acts as though this is a sane and valid visit where are chasing away the devil or some such thing.

There was also the collapse of the church or guest house in Nigeria at profit joshua a year or so ago. Over a 100 South African were killed and apparently according to the nut job it was caused by people who didn't like the church and had a supersonic sound or some such thing launched from a plane which caused the building to collapse. The survivors now thank dog for sparing them and don't hold anybody accountable.

I find it hard not to laugh when I listen to the headlines and then the acceptance of the loving dog when this tragedies take place in a so called place of worship. If dog can't even protect them there, why the hell do they continually allow themselves to be part of the farce?

The cognitive dissonance for me is overwhelming. Waiting on the scapegoats to rationalise all this.

Sad but hard not to laugh!

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I also can't help thinking about the countless times the Pat Robertsons and their ilk have attributed all manner of natural or man made disasters to the permissiveness of a sinful secular society. It's a little harder to square such thinking when the disaster happens exclusively to a religious group. (Of course in this case it makes perfect sense because it isn't OUR religion.)

Personally, I think it's tragic, while at the same time noting that the victims have no one to blame but themselves.  They bought into that first irrationality - the belief in something with no substance - and additional irrationalities followed to the point where such a catastrophic event was all but inevitable.

The worst part of it all is that I wish they could wake up from their nightmare and embrace reality, yet their belief holds that they don't dare wake up, for fear either of their god or the co-religionists.  Now how fucked up is that?

I could never laugh at this sort of thing; premature death is horrible and even the foulest religious extremists have caring family.  But the irony is not lost; "God will care for you" isn't statistically supported and extremists do extremely foolish things.

Let's be quite honest about it, if this happened at a conference discussing atheism they'd praise god for his intervention and see it as divine retribution upon the infidels. Save your sympathy for those that sympathise not for those that demonise. It couldn't have happened in a more prophetic place.

But if such a thing happened,different religious groups would be fighting about whose god did the deed.

They'd probably agree to share the spoils jay.

I feel much as Daniel, "if measles was spread at an antivax convention, I would" feel grateful that parents faced serious natural consequences based on their thoughts and actions. I would feel anger toward them for failing to understand the nature of the disease and how long and hard we fought for good medicine to the general  public. I put a great deal of trust in the science of medicine and am grateful for those who worked to find remedies to those ancient diseases. I have no trust in the business of medicine. Sadly, the innocent ones may not be able to afford the proven remedies of disease prevention. 

I have low trust in homeopathic medicine because too many remedies have not been tested using double blind study methods. 

When I was diagnosed with cancer I asked for studies of the medicines and procedures so I could agree or reject the proposed treatments. 

While in treatment I heard some people express gratitude for whatever treatment that showed some promise. Some complained about how badly the treatments made them feel and blamed the doctors and staff when they felt so wretched. I snickered at them because of their failure to blame the cancers, while instead they blamed the medical teams. 

Life is like that, some feel gratitude for life while others complain, whine and act like a victim. 





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