I believe that these methods of slaughter are barbaric, cause needless suffering to animals, are sticking two fingers up to hard-won animal welfare laws and have no place in civilized society.

Also, (in the UK at least) much of halal meat is not labelled as such and on sale in major supermarkets. Subway, KFC, Nandos and many other fast food chains and restaurants are selling halal meat in selected outlets.


Quite simply, cultural suicide and an affront to animal welfare.

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What would be the point of starting this discussion and everybody agreeing with me? If you look through the comments you'll find that all but one have disagreed with me and I've replied to all civily and certainly not become indignant!

You are, of course, free to follow your own sense of morality which I agree is one of the greatest parts of being an atheist and I would NEVER dream of accusing you of not being a "true" atheist or say any such nonsense. However, during a discussion of a moral issue in a public forum your moral views will be challenged. When religion also plays a huge part in it and I am shocked by your position specifically because of your non-religiosity then I will most certainly challenge you on it.

Halal and Kosher slaughtering methods are entirely religious in nature and, in my humble opinion, immoral and unnecessary in the 21st century given what we know about animal welfare. If we have scientifically proven standards (which we do) for animal welfare that we believe in, we should stick to those standards and not allow exemptions "for religious reasons". Should we allow exemptions to polygamy laws or permit the stoning to death of adulterers "for religious reasons"? Of course not.

I wrote "every single...that has COMMENTED on the subject". I should perhaps have added "that I have read" as I haven't, of course, read them all. If you can find some that approve of non-stunned halal or kosher methods I'll be amazed.

Here are some of the organisations that are opposed to it, which I'm sure whos opinion you value on other aspects of animal welfare?:





CIWF (Compassion in World Farming)



Farm Animal Welfare Council


In Europe at least, these methods are banned in Holland, Sweden, Luxembourg, Norway and Switzerland precisely because of animal welfare concerns.

You claim that "there are dozens of studies that do not support this opinion, they are however not performed by animal welfare organizations." Could you point me in the direction of some please?

You also claim that "the animals usually are treated better in life than those sent through the mass slaughter system." I'm sure some are but do not forget the approx. 4 million sheep that are transported live from Australia to the Middle East every year (with 40,000 dying in the process) for the halal market.

Melissa, Jews and Muslims will tell you that their slow slaughter method is kinder to animals, why would you believe it?  Furthermore, the animals come from the same awful factory farms.  Where did you get the mistaken idea that, " the animals are often treated much better in life because of the rules regarding the health and welfare of the animal at the time of slaughter."  The reason for the rules is the health of the eater, not the eaten.  If the animal is alive and can stand at the time of slaughter she passes.  If you really give a f..k you know what to do - or shall I say what NOT to do.  Don't kill. 

Where do you draw the line on how much suffering is acceptable?

You say you don't know how much the animal suffers yet in the very next breath claim they are not in pain.

Please see my comments above. Every single animal welfare organisation which has commented on the subject condemns it as causing unnecessary suffering.

Oh, the lies we are willing tell ourselves to enjoy that blood dripping from our lips.  You say you don't know how much they suffer, then you say they aren't in pain.  Atheist don't believe in mind reading, carnists don't think other animals have minds.  In fact, they are not in pain as they are cut with knives and bleed slowly to death.  They are just faking.

I'm in favor of this method of slaughter, but I don't expect it to be the norm in my lifetime.





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