Hammond, Indiana pastor Jack Schaap polishes his shaft at a youth conference in 2010

Pastor Schaap was relieved of his position for having sex with a 14 year old girl (he told her that Jesus wanted them to be lovers) and getting himself into a bit of legal trouble over it. Here he is with one of his "signature" sermons. I admit I could not watch all the way to the end—it was too painful to look at. It is simply amazing the number of sex scandals in the ministry and priesthood.


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Well, isn't that some low grade, homoerotic porn! I wonder. If you gave Jack Schaap Viagra, would he grow 6 inches taller?

Could anything be more inevitable when a primal urge such as sex is demonized by religion and politics than to see religionists and politicians getting caught in the same furtive sexual liaisons they castigate so vehemently?  I mean from Anthony Weiner to Larry Craig and Jimmy Swaggart to Ted Haggard, the pattern repeats so often as to very nearly be axiomatic.

It makes me wonder why so many people are so surprised when it does indeed happen.

Foe a while I followed clergical sex and crime scandals as reported on the internet.  It's easy to do, using google news alerts with a handful of key words - like "clergy + arrest" and "priest + conviction" etc.  A few such combinations and by inbasket was flooded with reports.

I lost interest after a couple of months - it was just overwhelming.

Here are a couple of the summaries from last year.

Christian pastors


More christian pastors

The terms "youth pastor" and "sex crime" come up together a lot.  I think there should be a zoning ordinance, no churches within 1000 feet of residential areas or schools.

He ought to have some toothpaste in that shaft, to squeeze out.




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