We all want Free Speech........Most of us  agree that there is no god  and that the bible  is  a book of fairy tales....WE also agree that Religion has caused  a lot of the problems we are facing  in the world.......However, when we go off topic, many in here  become  antagonistic and go on the offensive.......I always  felt an honest  discussion was good for everyone.........When I read  something  in here I do not agree with, isn't  it my right  to speak up?      If  anyone in here does not like  my threads, you are free to say so and give me a reason why......This will allow  me to answer and hopefully smooth out  any  misunderstanding.....There will be times  when  we can not  agree, but that  is how life is.....Judging  someone in  a negative  way just because they disagree with  your viewpoint  on an issue, seems  a little harsh.......Families  often argue over  little things, and good friends  do also....We all  should be able  to talk  it out and move on.........

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I agree, and your last 2 sentences there pretty much said it. I know people in here that won't even post to a blog if certain others are replying in it. I guess that's their way of walking on the other side of the street.

You don't have to win. Winning is not the aim of a discussion, comparing opinions and finding out the strength of the arguments is a better aim.

Well I agree but probably not 100%.  Aren't there many things whose truth matters?

What I call "benign christianity" is harmless. it is in many ways admirable. But when a christian causes harm by cutting foreskins, denying good education, and making unjust law, it is then that they become my enemy. 

I think there are a lot of these kinds of topics. Topics where even we, the epitome of rational people, are nevertheless biased. Topics wherein the truth has far reaching and very important consequences. Where it's important enough to ruffle some feathers to argue your viewpoint. 

And I do think that these discussions belong on an atheist site. By being atheist we are acknowledging that we care about truth even though it has brought so many of us pain, hardship, loneliness. It is right that our other precepts be fired in the crucible of discussion until their purest form is obtained. 


Yes I've encountered that; but I must emphasize: only SOME feminists--those whose ideology blinds them to reality in a similar way to religion. Concern about the fights of women is certainly not a problem, but wingnut re-interpretations of history or evolution are.

In other areas, too, I've encountered some hostility here. I am an 'economic conservative', believe in a very limited role for government, recognizing that for progress the government needs to get out of the way because it can't cure social problems through either money or regulations. Only people can fix their problems.

Yes, Freethinker, it makes no sense and I agree with you. We could take care of everybody without all the hoopla. I'm even seeing now that people running for election no longer have the party affiliation on the campaign signs. Everyone talks so much against Obama but have the Republicons maybe got behind this so you don't know who you are voting for? Maybe they are afraid you might remember how they wouldn't let Obama do anything so now they hide party in hopes you will still vote for them.

We had a Big government here, a well organized health and social network, utility companies belonging to the government; expensive but all went well and everyone who needed it was cared for. All that is being broken down now, because they thought that "free market forces" would benefit everyone. Not true of course. Businessmen saw easy money and fought for the parts that promised the best profit, and the government was saddled with the unprofitable leftovers. After that, nobody felt responsible for the people who can't help themselves. Care homes are being closed and the government is singing the praise of family care givers! Which means that we're on our own. People live in small apartments here, and often far apart from their family (if they have any), and they have to work too, so it's impossible to have a handicapped or demented person stay with them. I wonder what I'll do when I'll need help in some fifteen years from now. Shoot myself?

I participate on a history and science forum, and this goes on a lot. It seems that people become attached to their ideas or opinions, and feel threatened if someone counters them. Human nature, perhaps. But, I try to hear all views as best I can and respond in a way that I'd like to be responded to. It usually works but sometimes, people get angry unless you are willing to change your opinion to theirs! :)




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