Scottish philosopher and general skeptic.  Author of numerous books including: Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion and A Treatise of Human Nature


I am not entirely sure he was what we would define today as an Atheist, but he asked some excellent questions and made some insightful observations. 


If you get a chance, check out his argument against 'miracles' in:

An Enquiry concerning Human Understanding

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Hume is my favorite philosopher (even more so than Aristotle, the man currently posing as me on A|N).
I have Dennitt's book on my book shelf and have yet to get to it.  I never seem to have enough time and a lot of books that I want to read.
I really like Hume's approach to philosophy when discussing impressions and passions, but my favorite would be Kant although he is very hard to understand. I think very logically, which is why I was enamored by Kant's style of philosophy.
I have read some of Kant's philosophy and you are right it can be a little dense.




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