I deny the holy spirit, jesus, god, allah, thor, zeus, etc. They are all non-existent imaginary friends.... btw happy blasphemy day!

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Great!  I celebrate with you!

Everyday is blasphemy day in my world... not to worry, it's a victimless crime, LOL! Nevertheless, happy belated blasphemy day everyone. 

So can I still say "By the Hammer of Thor!" like Liz Lemon on 30 Rock? How about "By the Beard of Zeus!" like Ron Burgundy?
Actually, I prefer "Merlin's Beard!"
everyday is blaspheme day
think about it.. for some fundies the very existence of a nonbeliever and an outspoken one at that;
is sure to cause blaspheme! upon the faithfuls' everyday constrained life...

we are sullen with freedom indeed! LOL




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