The great man was born 12 February 1809. 

Happy Darwin Day everyone. 

And those who like modern pop music can listen and watch the Darwin Evolution Revolution song at

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A wonderful day to celebrate!

Happy Darwin Day to one and all!

« Les espèces qui survivent ne sont pas les espèces les plus fortes, ni les plus intelligentes, mais celles qui s’adaptent le mieux aux changements.  »

de Charles Darwin

This replaces the silly Ash Wednesday nonsense that I followed until I started thinking rationally.  I hope everyone has a great Darwin Day!

Oh my gosh, that is the best!  I have always called it "Spot the Catholics" day, but it's much better to call it "Darwin Day" instead!  Won't bother the Catholics who actually know what their church teaches.  But will annoy the heck out of the evangelical ones!




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