To those in the states...HAPPY LABOR DAY!

May you have a relaxing, healthy and wonderful day off! (If you have the day off)

Enjoy! :-)

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Thanks!  I have the day off, but I'm a bit sick.  A stubborn UTI with streptococcus, probably. 

Thanks :)  I have these things repeatedly, they are indeed a big pain.

Bummer! Hope you feel better soon. 

I too like physical books!

Somewhat related to your daughter's and Nick's jobs: if you ever read Wikipedia articles and think "I could make this part clearer!" (or more accurate, or even fix typos and such) -- anyone can go in and make edits! (One of their guiding principles is "Be bold"; don't worry about being perfect; other people can and usually will refine what you contributed.)

Signing up for a Wikipedia account actually gives you more privacy than not: you can use a pseudonym, and using an account hides your IP address. Another of the benefits is that you can mark edits as "minor edits" if nobody's likely to disagree with them.

A result of crowdsourcing the editing is that many articles are in better shape than some published books that evidently didn't even have proofreaders, much less copyeditors!

How innovative! Do you have a Wikipedia account? I know the reasons to use pseudonyms, but I want to be known for the writing I do, good or bad. It does leave me vulnerable to stupid and mean spirited people, but I have been challenged by stupid and mean people my whole life. I don't expect a pseudonym to protect me from that element. Let me know where my reasoning falters. 

Your daughter is so clever! Great news that she is applying for copy editor. Sure! she should charge for her services. Oh! to have a copy editor in the family! 

Mindy, I love the library. Always have. I've been taking my gdaughters to it since they were tiny and they love it too.
Happy Labor Day!
Congratulations on being a self-sufficient,  Independent person!  I've always admired that about you.   You don't go the way of the Herd. 
When the Herd was trampling some nobody, one sweet and unusual person stepped out to try and point out of few redeemable qualities in the ostracized leper.  Only Saints usually do such things.
It is kind of like 99 said, He is a worthless, creepy waste of life, and too stupid to live.  One person stood up as His only advocate.
  It seems like such an interesting journey and roller coaster ride with you these last seven months, full of joy and pain.  But I realize you must continue on your path and I'm only holding you back. 
It is with a heavy heart, that I have realized that my attempts to thank you and try to be a positive influence in your life have done the opposite. 
Now I must realize that since I care about you I'll have to let you go.  It's so hard when someone is so special. 
I don't post on Ex Christian anymore. 
Please continue interacting with some of those people who were influencing you in a very positive way.  I hope you will find good mentors in life and it breaks my heart that I couldn't be that for you.
Soar to new heights.  Continue being your own person.  It's as though you are Independent, self-sufficient, and need no one.  You aren't afraid to be different.  I'll never forget you.  How could I?
Believe me when I tell you that I have respect for you.  I respect those who don't go the way of the Herd and have unconventual views. 
That is why it hurts so much when one of the few people I respect thinks I have  disrespectful motives.
I need to leave you be, it's just I want you to know that I have a lot of Respect for you and care about you before I do so.
  If you like, this will be the last time I address you personally on this site.
I mainly wanted to share here what I find repulsive about Religion and overcoming phobias and some of those youtube videos but also to speak to you from the heart and make amends because it didn't go well last time.
With Complete Sincerity,
Your Former E-friend,
Manic Matthew
(on aside note, you notice I copy and paste some of my threads on other sites.  that is because every site has it's own personality so you get completely different responses to the same material on various sites.)

Yes there's many of me.  a dime a dozen! :-) 

p.s. is persistence a good or bad?

Well in this case time will tell whether we got the good or bad kind ;p

I have the day off. Since I don't work anymore unless dragged into a good job like my last security possition, I just collect SS and do what I want to. Mostly TV and computer stuff with some of it covert.  LOL

Saturday I took my estranged wife into the Ferguson area for an all day hair braiding thing. People thought I should be afraid. Of what? Another cop. I even got dinner out of the deal. When it was over I dropped my wife off in Washington where she lives and then came back to Bourbon.

These events made my Labor Day pretty nice today. Just doing thngs on computer and puttering around the house. No people. No specail dinners.

Rewinding you back to Friday would be a pleasure.


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