To those in the states...HAPPY LABOR DAY!

May you have a relaxing, healthy and wonderful day off! (If you have the day off)

Enjoy! :-)

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Deidre, I worked last year but nothing so far this year. Last year I was a security guard. This year I'm on socialable security. Sometimes I'm socialable. I have a little bit of security. Not rich but I pay myself a salery.

And what do you do, my dear?

I had the day off ... but lately, every day has, more or less, been a day off.  There's the possibility that this pattern will change shortly.  That will take work - work I'm currently not being paid for, though those circumstances may change as well.

And like the Zen Master said, "We'll see..."

I thought maybe you would like the freedom of being your own boss, but there are drawbacks to that. Looking forward to learning how this effort turns out for you. My best wishes, whichever way it goes. 

Did I say something to offend you recently Dee?

I was able to delete some of the comments. not the others. can a mod please delete my comments on this thread. they are inappropriate off topic and rude.



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