Happy New Year 2014 to All of My Athiest Nexus Friends!

We never know what the new year will bring! Here's to a happy healthy prosperous well fed, enjoyable New Year to all of you!

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Thanks Sentient! I'll join the chorus; have a wonderful 2014!

Same to you Daniel.  Thanks for contributing your wonderful personality and insight to this community. 

Thanks, Sentient Biped. I'm a bit down as the climate news isn't great.

Mindy, NOW I remember why I left Illinois!  I hope your husband is well bundled up, with handwarmers and thick socks!  And he has a nice cup of hot choolate waiting for him when he gets home!


I remember once when I lived in Chicago, I had to take the EL to work.  It stopped in the loop during a big blizzard.  I was stuck there for several hours.  The restrooms were closed.  Stores & restaurants were closed.  I had a big cup of coffee before getting on the train......  I had to find a discrete alley to take care of my problem.  A security guard caught me and I had to run off.  Ah the memories! 

It was colder and windier when I lived in Champaign.  I had a motorcycle at the time.  One time it was so cold, when I got home I couldn't warm up.  I filled the bathtub with hot water and got in, shivered for hours.

Im not that tough any more. 

Here's the same to you Daniel.  I raise my glass of sparkling cider to you.

Happy New Year Daniel.  

Back atcha, SB!  A Healthy, Happy and SAFE 2014 to all at Atheist Nexus!

Thanks to everyone here! You keep me going. I don't know what I would do if not for you!


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