Just a reminder that we have love and friendship, reason and science. We're grounded in our human bonds and in reality. Have a good year.

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Back at you, Ruth. Cute gif.

"Love and friendship, reason and science" ... and some damned fine peeps to share that with!  The very best of 2018 to you, Ruth!

Happy New Years to you all as well.  I think I agree with most of you guys on very little besides atheism (duh) but everyone seems sincere and I wish everyone the best...

Thanks, Jerry. Your input is valuable to us too. We'd be awfully dull if everyone had the same thoughts.

Thanks Ruth.  All the best for the new year.

Hope you and everybody on A/N has a glorious 2018 and beyond. 

How was your 2017? 

In my case work and stirring American Christians and Conservative nutjobs, like Dennis Prager's sycophants over Trumpty Dumbty took up almost all of 2017.

Maybe in 2018 I may settle down and spend more time with like minded folks.  :D   

But it has been a lot of fun.  :D ;) 

Hi DD, how are ya?

HEY, DOG, where you been hidin'?  Good to see you back!

Have  great 2018, all of you!

The very best of 2018 to you, family, and friends. I started the year off by getting a haircut. I know some people that think they should have cut a little bit lower.  :)


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