Today is Pi Day.  Here's some Pi pie for all you math brains:

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For more Pi pies, see the Celebrate! group.
Yes - in fact, your method makes sense - as would yy/mm/dd. Guess we Americans stick to how we say it - not how it would make any mathematical sense - so our 'calendar clocks' cycle in the middle column first, the left column second, and the right column last. Guess the Romans stuck to there idiotic numbering system for centuries as well. Some kind of strange hubris I suppose.

But - at least here, we get Pi Day! A celebration of total nerdosity!
I wish I could have pi/pie, but alas, dieting says no. And frankly, I can't afford to buy it, anyway.
I will show a vial of water a picture of pi pie, and send the the resulting homeopathic solution of pi pie to you.
Hmm, maybe you could make a tomato pie?
22/7 people thought that this was a good celebration to have.




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