Vermont Pride is Saturday, July 25th. If I'm feeling well enough, I'm going. For a while, we had a BiNet Vermont group, and marched in between the Dykes on Bikes and the Radical Faeries. Then I moved, got sidetracked, etc....

Anyone else attending any Pride activities in your area, or involved in organizing?

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Portland (OR) pride was kind of an anticlimax. Nothing wrong with it, but not very exciting either. I'm getting old.

I talked about this with a coworker who is Lesbian. She had the same feeling - in the past, Pride was revolutionary and empowering. So many people had sufferred so much discrimination, revulsion, rejection, and abuse, that having a parade celebrating their identity was amazing. Fortunately today, things have improved a lot.

Lots of progress needed, to be sure. We have separate and unequal policy on marriage and military service. Religious bigots spout their demagogery from the pulpit and on the news, and are treated as respected elders to be honored. The president, elected on a promise of "change", drags his feet.

But things are still so much better. There are so many more people who are supportive. A few states have even opened up to same-sex marriage. There are examples in the press, sports, the professions, the arts, the popular media, and politics. Much to be happy about and celebrate.

I just can't get excited myself. Like I said, I must be getting old.
im with you there Dan. I enjoy the pride celebrations but some times it almost seems we spend too much energy trying to be seen as just like any other couple or just like "straight" couples that we're whitewashing the continued inequality we experience. After this year's prop 8 crap I guess im getting more jaded and a little disheartened.
One of the reasons I always enjoyed marching with or near the Radical Faeries is that so many "straight-acting" gay men were just so irritated that the faeries were there, making them "look bad". Same with Dykes on Bikes. Kids loved both groups, which always says a lot to me.

I can understand you feeling jaded and disheartened after this year's Prop 8 crap. I'm sure I'd feel more that way if I didn't live in Vermont.
This year, a lot of folks in Vermont will be excited since there's still momentum from the decision to ratify same sex marriage in the legislature. The excitement of being the first state to ratify civil unions wore off a while ago.

I used to look at Pride events as a sort of family reunion. I didn't get to see a lot of people but once a year at Pride. I moved away, and didn't quite have the success building community that I had in Vermont. Now I'm back, so am hoping I run into some of my old friends. Everyone seems to move around so much, it's hard to keep track.

Pride might be more exciting in parts of the US/world where things haven't improved quite so much. Anyhow, Daniel... you aren't that much older than me. I wouldn't say I'm as excited as I used to be, but I am looking forward to it (health willing).
It would probably have been more exciting if this year Sam Adams, Portland's first-ever openly gay mayor, hadn't got himself mixed up in an underage sex scandel with an intern. I was all built up with pride over the city electing a gay mayor, and with a gay man for being elected mayor, then whamo, it comes out that we have our own Monica Lewinski situation. With a guy named "Beau Breedlove" no less (sounds like an adult movie actor's name). Guess who wasn't in this year's parade? That might be one reason it was so muted.

Also, Maryann, they had a lot of religious themed groups in the parade here as well. Even Catholic. No atheist but the cat-herding aspect comes to mind there.

Méabh, I hope that you have a great reunion and renew old friendships and make new ones.

(off topic) By the way, Méabh, you've probably heard this before, but I love your name. What a beautiful thing, to have a name that means "intoxicating". My parents gave me "God is my judge", although it was because my mother liked the song "Danny Boy".
thanks for posting meabh and happy pride to you! we had ours a couple of weeks ago in hartford and it was every other booth was some kind of christian outreach to the gay community ... I'm glad its there from a diversity standpoint, but at the same time, there were no out atheist representation or for that matter much political representation. that would have been nice.
You're welcome marryann. Thanks! It's been a long time since I've attended Pride in Vermont (over 13 years), so I don't know who will or won't be there with booths. It'll be interesting to see. If I was part of an atheist group (other than online), I'd set up a booth. Maybe next year.
We had our Pride Parade a couple of weeks ago but unfortunately I couldn't make it. :( Which is terrible because Utah is like the official battleground outside of Cali, and we need more straight support.
Not this year , but I wish everyone a happy month!!!




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