Happy to live in New Zealand, where this is acceptable:


Hell Pizza has caused offence with one of its advertising campaigns again, but numerous complaints about a Hamilton billboard have not been upheld by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

The billboard featured a bun decorated with an inverted pentacle symbol and the words: ''For a limited time. A bit like Jesus.''

The sign attracted 179 complaints that had similar messages such as, ''nothing short of emotional and spiritual abuse'', ''grossly offensive'', it was ''discriminatory and insensitive'' and the use of the symbol as well as the words were ''blasphemous''.

Another complainant said Christian faith was being ''slandered and ridiculed'' in a way that wouldn't be accepted if it were directed at other religions or minority groups.

Hell Pizza responded that they respectfully disagreed with the complainants.

''It appears from our review that the complaints themselves are for the most part confused, unreasonable, and even outright irrational.''


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That is fucking brilliant. I love it.




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