Harold Camping followers: It's all over May 21. We painted our car to prove it.

This is a local couple that managed to get into the news with their craziness by painting their car with warnings that the rapture will be swooping down upon us (and by us, I mean those special 2 or 3 percent who are lucky enough to get swooped upon) on May 21, 2011.




What I find most sad about this is that the O'Leary's are both suffering from debilitating illnesses (she has MS, he has Parkinson's), so I'm sure it would be a relief for them to not have to deal with their pain any longer. But when May 22 rolls around and they're still alive and unwell, what then?


"If there was not meaningful, honest and serious evidence that May 21 was the day, then we certainly would not as an organization jeopardize our reputation by trying to pull some sort of short-lived publicity stunt," he (Tom Evans, Family Radio's media spokesman) said.


So May 22, when this all hasn't gone down, Tom Evans and Harold Camping are going to do some interviews as to why their little special mathematical formulas haven't worked out, right? And will accept personal responsibility for bamboozling these people, right? And will tell them to stop reading the Left Behind series because it's obviously poorly written hogwash, right?




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I think our local Atheist/Humanist group needs to steal this fabulous idea!
Great Idea!.....and Very Funny!
@ Stanley Seay

Great idea.
Only thing about that page is that it claims "Biblical scholars" made the prediction. To my knowledge it's only Camping.
I think all the atheists should take off their clothes and go hide somewhere and make the Christians think we all got raptured.  :D
I was raised q theist. More than once I heard it stated flat out that xtians should believe the rapture is imenent. I think it is their version of the admonishment that every day and moment is best lived as if it were the last.

In the seventies (or early eighties) I heard a sermon where the preacher said he believed there was biblical evidence that ll this end time stuff would occur before 2010.

Also, I am a big Star Trek fan. In the original series, which came out in the sixties, the writers felt that putting event in the nineties was far enuf in the future not to have to deal with.
This just in... GREYDON SQUARE will be making a special guest appearance at the Rapture After Party in Fayetteville, NC!  Come join us! www.cncah.org
These atheists, for a fee, offer to care for the pets of the raptured as most theists don't believe their pets get raptured along with them. When I looked into it, they did not offer these services in La., so I offered my services, but they declined my help.

This May 21 thing has increased demand such that they have increased their prices according to their home page.

I feel kind of sorry for these folks.  Just because someone is ill and mentally imbalanced doesn't mean it's okay to take advantage of them.  Of course, they probably don't think they are being taken advantage of.  Well, I hope when May 22 gets here this poor couple doesn't off themselves, but wouldn't be surprised if they did.
I wondered about this myself...
I considered that also. But, imo, rather than being taken advantage of they are being given considerable piece of mind for (what I assume) to be a nominal or reasonable fee. This is one less thing they have to be fretting over. From their pov, this is one heck of a service being offered to them.

And too, here is another way of looking ay it. W/o being presented with this option, theists may well neglect to really consider the likelihood of this event happening. This forces them to consider it in a concrete manner that they may well have managed to avoid otherwise. I have to figure if they look at it in this manner, that they are then way more likely to see it as the foolishness that it is.
I didn't mean the pet service, I meant the radio program that convinced them the end is near.  Sorry for the confusion.  However, at 89, their fearless leader may drop dead soon, so for him the rapture may be very near.




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