Harold Camping followers: It's all over May 21. We painted our car to prove it.

This is a local couple that managed to get into the news with their craziness by painting their car with warnings that the rapture will be swooping down upon us (and by us, I mean those special 2 or 3 percent who are lucky enough to get swooped upon) on May 21, 2011.




What I find most sad about this is that the O'Leary's are both suffering from debilitating illnesses (she has MS, he has Parkinson's), so I'm sure it would be a relief for them to not have to deal with their pain any longer. But when May 22 rolls around and they're still alive and unwell, what then?


"If there was not meaningful, honest and serious evidence that May 21 was the day, then we certainly would not as an organization jeopardize our reputation by trying to pull some sort of short-lived publicity stunt," he (Tom Evans, Family Radio's media spokesman) said.


So May 22, when this all hasn't gone down, Tom Evans and Harold Camping are going to do some interviews as to why their little special mathematical formulas haven't worked out, right? And will accept personal responsibility for bamboozling these people, right? And will tell them to stop reading the Left Behind series because it's obviously poorly written hogwash, right?




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My bad.

Don't any one of Camping's followers realize he got it wrong in 1994? The world didn't end then, so Camping predictably backpedaled and pushed the date into the future. He'll very likely do the same thing when Jesus doesn't return on May 21 and the world doesn't end on Oct. 21.


I think at least a couple of dozen twits like Camping have predicted the end of the world in my lifetime. The first that I was aware of was one of a my own Catholic teachers, a clueless old nun who told the third-grade class I was in that the world would end in 2000. She gave no source for her "revelation." Unfortunately, she didn't live long enough to see her prediction flop.

  ...yeah right!  And we'll all hold our breath that they'll actually do that, right?! If only we could be so lucky as to see at least one prophetic creep admit error.  If that actually happened maybe THAT would be a sign that the end was near... 



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