Home again after recovering from a stroke in June, Harold Camping, California's own prophet of doom, is back and issuing new pronouncements about the end of the world on October 21. Undeterred by the non-appearance of the Rapture that he predicted for May 21 (He still insists that May 21 was Judgment Day, but that it happened in Heaven and not here on Earth), the 90-year old Camping is convinced that the true end is only two weeks away.


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They don't know the bible they follow.
Haha this poor old sap wishes it would end.
It can't end yet, the Cardinals haven't won the World Series yet!! *L*
Ahhhh.. this explains why my doctor was talking about this  guy today.
This guy again.  Yeah he said he had the wrong date last time.  He'll always have the wrong date. : )
At least this time, Camping's followers won't lose their life savings warning others to repent. Judgement Day, according to Camping, was on May 21. If you repented after that, it doesn't count (again according to Camping).
Yeah - he's crazy. I can't believe people actually believed this guy and used all their savings. I read some quit their jobs too.


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