Harris, Hitchens, Dawkins & Others Put to Lie Claim that Without God, There'll Be No Morality

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James, I like the pic. Thanks.

If I can buy or print it on business card stock, or on larger sticky label stock, I know where I can put several hundred.

Thanks again.

I agree - good post James.

Napoleon Bonaparte was a freethinking ruler who thought religion was a useful way of controlling the populace.


Nulle société ne peut exister sans morale. Il n'y a pas de bonne morale sans religion. Il n'y a donc que la religion qui donne à l'Etat un appui ferme et durable.

Napoleon Bonaparte

I am fairly sure he read Seneca in Latin.

LOL, Napoleon, I emailed your NP quote to a rightwing xian I know who's president of a French club and asked him to xlate it for me. Because he walks around like he's thinking deep thoughts I greet him with 'bon jour, professeur', which is about a fifth of the French I know and I might be using it wrongly.

Every time I hear this noise about needing religion to be moral, I am reminded of the following quote:

If it takes the threat of hell to make you a moral person, then you are not at all moral, you are just a coward who responds well to threats.
-- Leo Wolf

Good quote Loren.

I'll keep that quote.




Yeah, Loren, I like the Leo Wolf quote too. I'll google his name and maybe find out who he is.

Not certain, but I THINK he's a comedian! [chuckle!]  Shades of a certain Carlin named George we all know and love, eh?




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