Harry Potter - did you see it? What did you think? SPOILER ALERT

Just got back from seeing Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. Loved it! They left a lot out of the book, but I thought they chose rather wisely or we'd have been at the theater for 4 hours. Was a bit disappointed that there wasn't a bigger battle scene at the end. And that Neville didn't have a bigger role. But, the acting and character development, I thought, was brilliant. Would love to hear what other people think!

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I just got back after a 5 hour wait...it was my wifes deal but i went anyway.
it was a good movie ron is always a joy and i did miss neville but it was all good stuff
Not seen it yet, but I will. BTW, in your tags, if you put "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince" in quotes, it will appear as a single tag.
I thought it was just "ok". Not bad (like my favorite book -4- I thought was the worst of the movies so far) nor my favorite (3). Disappointed in some of the stuff that was missing, enjoyed the darker tone, but it just felt like there wasn't a strong "plot" in this one...but yet I wasn't bored, even though some of it was a little slow...so, in the end, just a solid "ok" from me...sigh.
Movei #3 is my favorite, too!
I caught it at midnight last night. I really liked it. I've been reading the book to catch up on it. I will say this: whoever the girl was who played Lavender Brown, she was brilliant!
She was! Hilarious!
Epic win. For some reason, I always imagined her as kind of unattractive. I was pleasantly surprised to see she was actually quite pretty. Made me say "go Ron!" out loud.
yea, she was adorable; but, it was obvious she wanted him just for a good snoggin'!! ;)
Haven't seen it yet and looking forward to it. I'm sad to hear that Neville is played down. He really finally started to come into his own strengths.

I usually like to re-read the book before going to see the movie. But I think w/ this one I will just wing it. Otherwise I'll end up mad because of the differences. :)
I usually read all the books again before a new movie comes out (I'm a Harry Potter nerd!), but I didn't have time this year. I found that frustrating because there were some new characters I didn't remember and I kept trying to figure out if things happened in the book that were in the movie. But, there were a LOT of differences.
Ok --

This needs to be said before anything else: I don't like Harry Potter, I don't like the books, I don't think J.K. Rowling is a good writer, I don't think her story or characters are that compelling, I thought the end of the series was levels of corny so high that it was clearly written for teens and yet obsessed over by adults. I did read the books. I read them all, that's why I didn't like them.

The only saving grace in that roughly 5-6,000 page series was Prof. Snape. He was the only character with depth and the only one I really cared about. (And no, a diamond in the desert doesn't stop the desert from being a desert.)

I would buy a book just about Severus Snape. I would buy it twice -- provided it isn't written by JK Rowling.

Ok, all that being said -- I wasn't going to go see Harry Potter -- until I found out that the Christonuts were going batshit about a movie with witches starring an atheist. I hope Radcliffe enjoys the few sheckles in royalties he gets from my ticket.

All in all it's a fine enough movie, of course there's always the irks of taking a book and translating it into film, but I think it was loyal enough -- the way Watchmen was loyal enough for me.

Definitely worth a watch -- and this is coming from someone who HATES Harry Potter.
Props to you for seeing a movie you might have hated just to stick it to the Christonuts! Glad you ended up liking it a little, too! :)




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