Harry Potter - did you see it? What did you think? SPOILER ALERT

Just got back from seeing Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. Loved it! They left a lot out of the book, but I thought they chose rather wisely or we'd have been at the theater for 4 hours. Was a bit disappointed that there wasn't a bigger battle scene at the end. And that Neville didn't have a bigger role. But, the acting and character development, I thought, was brilliant. Would love to hear what other people think!

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Having read more fantasy novels than most folks and also being a literature major with a focus on epic poetry and folk tales, I will say that Harry Potter is simply a fantastic set of books. So, I guess I'm disagreeing with you.

But to add substance to my opposition, I will say that Severus Snape is an integral part of the story, he is the character that grows....hell, he may be considered the anti-protagonist if you go in for that kind of classification. But my point is that if you "would buy a book just about Severus Snape", well you just may have when you bought the Harry Potter tales.

As to the movies, I think they did well with the adaptation. At least as well as LOTR and Master and Commander. I won't class Rowlings with any great level of wordcraft or prose artistry but for a traditional fantasy tale, it was good stuff. And the end of the series was a classic rendition of epic fantasy blending elements of heroism, loss, and redemption. I just can't find anything bad to say about it.

I think you need to read the horribly vapid bile Stephanie Meyer puts out that all these otherwise rational (ok.. semi-rational) people are going ga-ga over... you know it as "That stupid Twilight crap" and CRAP it is!
She's got to be the worst author widely read today... and that's counting the kid that wrote that book about ninjas (something along the lines of "real ultimate power" or some such).
I think Stephen King laid the smackdown on her pretty well here: http://weblogs.baltimoresun.com/entertainment/books/blog/2009/02/st... (Sorry it's on the Batimore Sun... it's the first link I came to in google.)
While I'm not certain JK is an amazing writer, she's created a pretty good world and if you've never heard Stephen Fry read them, you're missing out.
I thought it was brilliant. And, I think JK Rowling is a brilliant author.

This movie is filled with fun, sexed up teens and lots of laughter...all while being dark and getting darker. I thought they did a pretty good job at keeping to the book (let's remember that the movies are "based" upon the book), and yes, they did leave a lot out, but they hit on the major points. I can't believe Neville didn't have a bigger part, but I think it's all gonna come out in the last installment. This movie was more about Malfoy, really. I wish they had done a bigger battle scene in the Astronomy Tower, but I think what they did was great, kept it simple--Dumbledore's death was too much!! Plus how similar to the battle scene from OOTP would it have been? Are they doing two parts for Deathly Hallows?

Fenrir is creepy good, Bellatrix is the perfect cackling evil witch, Lavender Brown is brilliant, Narcissa is perfect (I like her hair), and Cormac is hot! I also like Slughorn..though he wasn't walrusy enough, he had some rad facial expressions! Young Riddle is one pretty, yet terrible lad...

I love Severus Snape....sigh.
Agree with all! You have to love to hate Severus in the movies - he's played SO brilliantly by Alan Rickman. I love his sneers and contempt-filled pauses! Re: Malfoy - first time I've felt sorry for him and not just hated him. Thought his part was played very well, too. In fact, all the "child" actors have grown so much, in my opinion. We can finally watch them without cringing a little at their believability.
Cheers to the Slughorn comment!
I haven't been able to see it yet. My family likes to see it all together, so probably tomorrow. I would love to read a book all about Snape. I love the Slytherin characters so much! I think an entire book on Sirius Black could be cool too. Now I am going to get just a little off-topic (from movie to music).

Do any of you Potter fans listen to wizard rock bands? We saw Harry & The Potters perform locally and since then we have found a love for Draco & The Malfoys, The Moaning Myrtles, The Whomping Willows and so many other fun bands. My kids are big fans of wizard rock and it's my guilty pleasure.

Wrock On!
Wow! I didn't even know those existed! Will definitely check them out!
I saw it and liked it alright. It needed more action. It felt a little bland. But the cinematography was gorgeous and the acting was top notch. Michael Gambon played Dumbledore to perfection. I can't wait to see it in IMAX in a couple weeks.
I know! I was disappointed the IMax version didn't come out at the same time as the normal one.
Me too! And we lost out just because the idiotic Transformers 2 got a guaranteed 4 week run on its own. That movie was an embarassment to cinema from what I heard. I didn't hear one good thing about it so I didn't waste $10.
I don't think it needs to be; in fairness I don't think each book merits its own film, but who can say no to a money cow like Harry Potter.
A year if you're lucky. They may do what they did with the Matrix and Lord of the Rings and film different parts at the same time.




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