Harry Potter - did you see it? What did you think? SPOILER ALERT

Just got back from seeing Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. Loved it! They left a lot out of the book, but I thought they chose rather wisely or we'd have been at the theater for 4 hours. Was a bit disappointed that there wasn't a bigger battle scene at the end. And that Neville didn't have a bigger role. But, the acting and character development, I thought, was brilliant. Would love to hear what other people think!

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I hated the intro, too. Seemed very trite.
Just saw it.
My sister pointed out a very important detail for anyone that's read the books.
No one says 'voldemort' except for harry and dumbledore. Everyone else says 'you-know-who', ar whatever.
But in the movie, Ron's dad says 'Voldemort'.
That's a fairly important thing, you'd think someone would have noticed.
I think he said that in the book also... not sure though, will have to check. By book 6, more people were saying it. Funny she noticed that, though!
I thought that most of them started to say his name...until it became Taboo of course. Hmmm...
I greatly enjoyed the movie and all of the books, but mostly, as I read the comments, I was jazzed to learn that Radcliffe is an atheist. I did not know that until now. My son (14) will enjoy that tidbit of information.
I know! Good for him!



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