Harry Potter - did you see it? What did you think? SPOILER ALERT

Just got back from seeing Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. Loved it! They left a lot out of the book, but I thought they chose rather wisely or we'd have been at the theater for 4 hours. Was a bit disappointed that there wasn't a bigger battle scene at the end. And that Neville didn't have a bigger role. But, the acting and character development, I thought, was brilliant. Would love to hear what other people think!

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I think the last book does need to be broken up. They left so much out of this movie that it really would be a shame to short change the last installment. I heard that part 1 comes out summer 2010 and part 2 summer 2011.
Azkaban is my favorite movie, too!
Like SmilingEyes, I also avoided the HP books, but at the end of 2000 my brother convinced me to "just read the first book" and I was hooked. I am not a reader of fantasy books but, much to my surprise, this series stole my heart and my imagination.

As for crying in the theater during "that scene" in Half-Blood Prince... I am not ashamed to admit that I needed a tissue. My 6 year old really cried hard during that part of the movie and then he burst into tears again while we were in a drive-thru on the way home. He said, "I'm so sad and my heart hurts too much." We realized that movie scene may be his first memorable experience with death of a loved one (to use the term loosely). He still gets choked up about it, but we are using the experience to really start talking openly about death with our kids. There is no point in waiting until it's a real family member or friend that dies.

I am glad they are breaking the Deathly Hallows book into two movies because that means I get to enjoy two more movies instead of just one. I actually cried as I read the last chapter of HP & the Deathly Hallows because I really didn't want it all to end. Like my son, I grew attached to the characters and I have thoroughly enjoyed having these fantastical stories to escape into. I've only cried over the ending of one other book and that was James Clavell's Shogun. Again, not because the ending itself was sappy or sad, just because I wasn't ready for the story itself to end. I wanted more.
I feel exactly the same way! I bawled my eyes out when I finished the last book for the same reason - I didn't want it to end. I found myself missing the characters and wondering what they were doing! That's happened with several books through-out my life. I get so attached to the characters that I miss them when I'm done with the book! That's the biggest reason I think I gravitate towards fiction. I just love getting lost in a story! That kind of thing doesn't happen as much with TV, although it did for me when Six Feet Under ended. God, that was a great show. Maybe the greatest show ever. Anyway. I think it's great that you're using the experience with HP to talk to your kids about death. It's a much gentler way to be introduced to it than when a family member or friend dies, I imagine. I have to admit that I cry over the endings of books all the time. I'm a crier! But, I've rarely missed the characters like I did when I read the HP books.
I did not cry......we knew it was coming. My son was staring at me to see if I would, because I had when I read it..but, knowing it was happening, I just didn't. I agree it makes for awesome conversation between children and grown ups about death. I talked about death when Sirius died, and with Dumbledore's death.

I will be most sad to see Snape die...ugh.
OMG. Start from the beginning. I seriously think it's the best television show ever. Ever. Do let me know what you think!
I guess that's HBO for you! You might check iTunes, but you'll have to pay for the episodes.
I liked it!! But wish they could actually stay truer to the books. I would be willing to watch a 5 hour movie if it was done just like the book. But alas that is not possible!!
I had forgotten that this was the book in which Nevile was shown to be the nearly chosen one. He was like a John the Baptist to Harry's Jesus. It was an excellent film. I hope they do well with the next one. There is just too much to cover in one film for the last book though. I thought it was interesting how the bezoar episode played out with Ron.
I think they should have broken this one up, too... they certainly were liberal with the pruning shears when they went to write the script.
Also, what was with the intro? The one J.K. wrote wasn't good enough for film? I don't remember a subway OR a flirty waitress in the book....
I know...I was SO not diggin' on the waitress part. That made me snarl my lip for some reason. I really wanted to see the Prime Minister and Fudge!!



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