Has any atheists here been harassed on myspace?

Just wondering if this has happened at all or frequently to any other fellow non-theists. I have been in the past and I was frequently messaged today by a so called Catholic. I was told I was going to hell, that I was evil, and that if I wouldn't convert that I should move to China (apparently this is the capital of atheism, but I never received such a memo). You know this is the usual thing I hear, how less of an American I am. Uncle SAM didn't seem to have a problem with me when I took the oath and joined up.

Oh yeah, you would probably like to be informed of how unhappy you are since you are an atheist. Said individual proclaims as fact that all us atheists are unhappy, depressed losers. Yep that is what this person rants off. It's classic.

I can't believe I actually wasted my time today messaging this person back. I swore I would stop debating with intolerant Christians and other intolerant religious types, but the,

"Being atheist is "wrong"., "evil"...America was not intended for loud screamy music atheists such as yourself. America was intended for wonderful kind Christians such as myself.......,"

comment just hit a button for me. I think this person must have slept through every history lesson presented to them, especially the ones on separation of church and state and freedom of religion.

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No, but then I don't frequent MySpace so that may be part of it. I have heard more than once of atheist groups being targeted and even deleted/hacked by rabid religionists on MySpace. It seems to be a very hostile place for non-believers. :-(
I don't frequent it that much myself either and now I have another reason not to.
Haven't been harassed in MySpace but I have in some News forums I belong too. I just ignore them (and I can report abuse the the webmaster if necessary). I have a circle of friends that keep sending me religious chain emails. I just politely reply that I will not participate in that drivel but would be glad to hold an intelligent discussion any day. They mostly agree but keep forgetting. I did just hear of an AN member that got harassed and has left the site. See the Tardis group for details.
Really? I will look into that. And yeah I'm just going to ignore what they say too. Some religious people are too close-minded to listen what anyone has to say.
Have you taken a view at the braincells of the people that use MySpace? The glitter animated gifs! The complete nonsense?

You are better off MySpace!
Yeah, seriously I think I am. It used to just be another way to keep in touch with people you knew in person. Now, it is out of control with some people using it to try and force their crappy viewpoints on you. You can't even be left alone in peace on the internet these days sadly.
I got an abusive email from a believer who had read one of my posts (I've forgotten where it was and what it was about). I responded with "I know you don't mean it," and never heard from her again.
This person that contacted me was relentless and contacted me four times. I finally just changed the privacy settings, since you cannot invite logic to the table to discuss anything with some types of people. Luckily yours was not as determined, she must have had a few more brain cells.




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