Or that of any of the other non-canonical gospels? I have most of them, I recently picked up the Gospel of Judas. It's a good read, and I fully understand why they chose the books they did to go in the bible. Jesus (who I do not deny existed) has flaws in all the other gospels. Personally I like the Gospel of Judas best. Any thoughts?

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I absolutely love the Infancy Gospel of Thomas!
Infancy Gospel of Thomas:

Another satire of Bullnecks Bible ...
Think of a Greek version of Monty Python's "Life of Brian"...

This Greek satire presents the Child Jesus as a malevolent trickster wizard. In one of the episodes a child disperses water that Jesus has collected, Jesus then curses him, which causes the child's body to wither into a corpse. (M.R. James translation states that the child "went on, and after a little he fell and gave up the ghost,") Another child dies when Jesus curses him when he apparently accidentally bumps into him. When Joseph and Mary's neighbors complain, they are miraculously struck blind by Jesus. Jesus then starts receiving lessons, but arrogantly tries to teach the teacher instead. All this suggests anti-Christian satire.

The epoch in which anti-Christian satire would be most expected would be from the supremacy of Constantine c.324 CE and after he had widely publicised the Bible by its publication and enacted laws of the Roman State for its worship as the "Holy Writ" of the greek civilisation.

See Codex Theodosianus 16.5.1 of 326 CE ...

"Religious privileges are reserved for Christians."

Eusebius tells us the following .....

… the sacred matters of inspired teaching were exposed to the most shameful ridicule in the very theaters of the unbelievers.”
[Eusebius, “Life of Constantine”, Ch. LXI,
How Controversies originated at Alexandria
through Matters relating to Arius.]
Oh please, the bible is satirical in itself, assuming the writers didn't believe it themselves, they'd be laughing themselves to no end if they knew where it went
Oh please, the bible is satirical in itself, assuming the writers didn't believe it themselves, they'd be laughing themselves to no end if they knew where it went

I am referring to the POLITICAL TENSION between the orthodox books of the bible and the "heretical" books of the Gnostic Gospels and Acts. I agree the bible is bullshit and in fact have proposed the thesis that it is BULLNECK's BULLSHIT (ie: the imperially fabricated crap of the 4th century Lord God Caesar Constantine). But we need to come up with a meaningful theory as to when it appeared on planet earth and the reasons that the bible appeared. And to do that we also need to understand the appearance of all the other books of the Gnostic Gospels and Acts which the orthodox christians DESTROYED and BURNT and PROHIBITED and CENSORED and ANATHEMETIZED etc in a very political manner in the 4th and 5th and subsequent centuries.

This thread is about one such "heretical book" - the gJudas. And April deConnick has proposed that it was written as a SATIRE against the books of the orthodox bible (ie: the orthodox canonical Gospels) and I agree with this assessment. In fact I am arguing that the entire set of non canonical books of the Gnostic Gospels and Acts are each Greek academic satires against the appearance of the Constantine orthodox bible, and were authored by academic Greeks from Alexandria after the WAR COUNCIL of Nicaea as resistance and sedition against the despot Constantine.
Loved the Gospel of Judas! Although I don't need to point out here it's a work of fiction, what a great plot twist it adds to the story. It adds nuanced character development to Jesus, Judas, and the other disciples that really did a good job explaining why Judas would sell out Jesus.
National Geographic did a great special on this topic, very insightful, the Gnostics were loopy in their own way at the end of the day, but the story is cute.
I agree that the Gospel of Judas is a good read. Taken as a mythological story it really makes the story work better.




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