Has anyone became an Atheist through an epiphany?

It happened to me, I was wondering if it really happens that often. Being a member in A/N for a few months now, reading all of the profiles/discussions/blogs, I still don't really know if it happens that often...

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Become an atheist through an epiphany? No. But I did lose faith in the bible, and bible-centered religion, through one. Maybe. Depends upon your definition of epiphany, I guess.

A Christian friend confided in me she had her doubts in Christianity because of the Bible's sexism. Not doubts to shake her faith, but nagging doubts. I gave the standard apologist's response, one I had given countless times before. Only, this time it sounded hollow. I then had the epiphany that there were a lot of stuff in the bible that didn't make any sense. It had before, because I had the rationalized any contradictory stuff in the bible. But that day, they all fell away. From that day on I could never be Christian again. I am 100% sure I could never be a Christian again. After that I was a Deist for about a year. I have been an atheist for a couple years now.



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