Has anyone else been an atheist as long as they remember?

I only ask because most people seem to say they are converted from a religion, or at least went along with it in some way until they reached an age at which they started to actually think about the practicality of religion. I never remember believing in god and was actually kicked out of bible school when i was about 8 because I couldn't get anyone to answer me when asked how people could believe in something they had never seen, or known and when not getting the answer I was looking for said I didn't think they were right. They probably thought I was possessed LoL.
I have often wondered if this was due to having a rough childhood that made me question authority at a very early age or if it was a more common occurance.


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I wasn't an Atheist for as long as I remember but from my earliest memories I can say I always questioned and doubted the church until 6th grade when I figured out it isn't real and became an Atheist.

What helped me realize that God isn't real is that I never felt "God's conviction" for lying to my mother, hiding things, watching "bad" shows (like South Park or Family Guy), or listening to "devil music" (as they call it) like Slipknot, Nirvana,or System of a Down. I was supposed to since those are considered ungodly actions, but I never did. Even after my mom made me get baptized.




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