I feel like there are too many social pressures to meet most of the expectations driven by popular culture... besides, my lousy job and other factors make it nearly impossible to find, much less maintain, any meaningful relationships.

Anybody else find themselves in the same situation, or am I the only ape here left grooming themselves in the corner?

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And adorable ... but that's just my perspective.
Thanks, Joseph P.
Heh, I even have a segment of my standup on the subject ... not you specifically, obviously, just the scenario in general.

I'm still going strong with the "scenario" and it's working out well.  Since you have a segment on the subject, I will tell you the funniest thing she ever said to me.  It was in 2001 when we first met and had only known each other for a few hours but jumped right into having sex.  She asked, "Can I touch you?"

I was naked at the time.  I looked at her and answered, "When my panties are on the floor, the answer is usually yes."

Heh, hmm.  Fascinating, but I'm not sure how to work that in, alas.  The segment that includes the stuff about homosexuality is far more wide angle in focus.  The details are in the other early segment that involves my own romantic history.  The shift in level-of-detail would be incongruous.

Amusing scene, though.  Hmmmmm.

I still tease her about it today.  She doesn't remember saying it, but I will never forget it.
Well, aren't you blessed, lol.
I'm getting pretty close to giving up all hope! But not quite yet.......

honestly, things arent looking too good 4 me. try being a black male atheist in the bible belt south! i am particularly attracted to black women, physically and intellectually, if for nothing but the simple fact that we probably have more in common being of the same ethnicity. but i am learning to be more open minded about it considering that most of the black women i meet, and may or may not be attracted too, are strongly religious. so i am now open to dating outside my race. not racist at all, i love all types of women, but as it concerns a long term relationship, id just prefer someone i can relate to on multiple levels.

Plus the fact that im over 30 and not getting any younger. Most women i meet at this age or older are already married and or have kids. i have never been married or had children, and at this rate those chances are getting slimmer by the day...

still trying to remain optimistic though. im good being single at this point. im not as delusional to believe that "soul mates" exist or that ill even find that one so im happy just being solo for now...

peace and good luck yall!

Hmm, I didn't think Gastonia was all that religious.  My roommate is from there.


And yeah, good idea with the openness regarding race.  There are 4 or 5 black guys in my local group ... and 1 black woman.  The odds are already against us guys, with the male/female ratio.

tell me about it!

if only i was gay...

on second thought, nvrmd...ill take my chances wit the religious.

Yeah, I might go lesbian, though.




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