I feel like there are too many social pressures to meet most of the expectations driven by popular culture... besides, my lousy job and other factors make it nearly impossible to find, much less maintain, any meaningful relationships.

Anybody else find themselves in the same situation, or am I the only ape here left grooming themselves in the corner?

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They still sound under developed...

Horseshit!  You are just travelling in the wrong circles.  I see nothing wrong with you (you might be batshit crazy, but that doesnt show in pictures LOL). 

You dont shop for diamonds at the gas station, dont look for life partners among the denizens of depravity.  If you want to find someone to share something meaningful with... do what you like and surround yourself with like minded people.  It will just take time.  Be strong and be yourself :)

I do try to. And I attempt to not be too batshit crazy--I am weird, I will admit it, but it's weird along the lines of "I'm not a fan of diamonds, I don't like roses, I enjoy educational stuff on a many levels and prefer museums to a night at the club."

I have one friend who thinks part of the problem is being in Alabama--he insists that people there are all(as joseph P said) "Holding out for their video game girl", when they need to grow up and realize that it's probably never going to happen. But I realized at a very young age that Prince Phillip/Milo Thatch isn't going to happen....
Alabama?  Ooohhh.... buckle of the bible belt huh?  Lucky to find literate without a side order of delusion in that neck of the woods.  Move someplace with a higher post secondary level of education per capita. 
Yeah, I'm trying to. Florida was actually decent but my parents moved me here for 'better schools' and "cheaper housing". The Housing is cheap for a reason! People are idiots here! And the governor -recently- excluded anyone who wasn't a 'follower of jesus christ' as lesser than him--as in, this year, during a Martin Luther King Jr. Day speech. Most of the comments online were "but of course this is how Alabama is"--how horrible of a standard to have it expected.
Were you in Alabama when Judge Moore moved his 10 Cs monument into his courthouse?  I'm in Georgia, and a couple of years back, our governor organized a group prayer for rain at the capitol.  Couple thousand people turned up.
Yeah, I just moved into here, about the time when that bullcrap happened. Alabama would be decent to live if the people weren't so crappy--property taxes are really low.

Well, yeah, but that's why the property taxes are so low.  When you have an area with a lot of poor people and not a lot of sustaining industry, the land values are going to be very low.


Heck, you want to talk about low taxes, look at Alaska.  The state government pays you to live there.  I sure as hell wouldn't want to live there, though.

Well I haven't even really tried yet... so it's too soon to give up.
Well, I'm 43, and it's not looking so good for me!  lol.  Oh well.
Life my young friends, begins at 40. And it is and always has been what we make of it!. We are freethinkers! We have scaled the evolutionary summit and for what? To turn into lames? I want no parts of this pitty party. My suggestion; despense with the funeral procession and get some drinks in ya, get laid and change the frickin' world!!!
I am with you.  I refuse to go more than a few months without sex.  As for relationships, we'll just have to see what happens.  I am in no hurry.




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