Has Anyone Ever Told You They Heard God Speak To Them? I Wonder What He/She Sounded Like?

I know that people can be delusional about hearing voices, which usually lands anyone not speaking to a socially acceptable imaginary friend in an institution. But I always want to ask what GOD sounds like to these believers. Has anyone ever asked this question? What kind of responses have you gotten? I have yet to hear any voices, but think that some voices could be better God voices than others. What do you think?

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I do hope if I ever become schizophrenic, that God sounds to me like Morgan Freeman. :3

I don't know that anyone's thought to ask a schizophrenic that. >.> If I ever get one once I'm licensed to practice, I'll try to remember to ask.

I found one the other day on the metro rail. But he was ranting and raving about how someone was an *n-word* and was being rather offensive. So no one wanted to approach him. Go figure it was a day without an officer riding.
I think I'd find it very comforting if right at the first moments of a complete break with reality, just before I hallucinate that first miracle I'd ever witness, to hear a cheerful familiar voice say:

"Hey Rocky, watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat."
Oooh, or the guy who does the voice over for Dr. Tran. That would never get old either.

Ok I'm done.
"But that trick NEVER WORKS!"
It's been described to me as a soothing, deep male voice.

Occasionally I've thought that I heard someone call my name - or that my doorbell rang. The audible hallucination is real enough that I look for someone and check the door to verify if it was just my imagination. But hearing "god" speak? Should that ever happen I'll be sure to 1) check for pranks then 2) visit a doctor.
God always sounded kind of whiney and repetitive to me. Easy to drown out with my iPod.
bahahahaha. sorry that just made me burst out laughing.

hear hear on the Morgan Freeman voice though.
Yes. He had a deep voice and told me I needed a new fly rod. He sounded like Jackie Gleason.




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