Found this on another site:

"Middle school in KY on Friday separated the Jewish kids and Jehovah's Witness kids from the Christian kids: Jews and JW's sat in the office while the Christian kids went to the gym to sing carols and religious hymns about Christmas. Have these people no shame? Those Jewish and JW kids have now been isolated and made second-class citizens. One Atheist student pretended to be Christian, so not to be singled out.

(This has not been brought to the attention of the media yet. It was phoned into the American Atheist Association by an upset parent.)"


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Doesn't surprise me in Kentucky. Sad.
There are Jewish people in Kentucky? There must be better places for them to live.
Uhuh. And who complained ? Context is everything. Remember this ? Hearsay is just hearsay until there's some evidence.
Panic now, avoid the rush.
I went to school in the south and know how it feels to try to blend in (as many of us here do I'm sure). I've been the kid pretending to be Christian. It gives you that funny feeling like when you're just about to be discovered telling a lie, you know? I can't believe they would actually sort the kids out and physically separate them according to religions though. How can it be true? It's deplorable.
How can it be true?

Exactly. We need something more than rumour. Rumours are for theists.
KY related that I found:
Modern Youth Ministry 'Unbiblical,' Ministry Leader Claims
The Sufficiency of Scripture conference, taking place at the Northern Kentucky Convention Center, ends Saturday. BLAH BLAH WASTE OF ENERGY and MONEY.

Christians still argue, however, about whether Jesus was born in a stable or a house. This year, for example, the Creation Museum in Kentucky is ditching the stable in its Nativity scene, instead sheltering the Holy Family in a first-century-type house, believing it to be a more likely birthplace.
well, there's plenty of hooplah in regards to the xtians (more-like their leaders) eating eachother because atheists cannot be touched. like the U.S. war machine, once such a program of mind-control is sunken in through generations it gets ugly; effects a society as a whole.

As for the mid school, no luck
seems it could happen though; budget cuts play into this, not enough teachers or regulation in regards to 'demands' of some richy rich ponzi religions.

Your story is quite possible considering the polarization of the past 8 years.
It's not fun anymore to be a kid. Maybe not so true but, if a kid is born a freethinker and then has some factions of society call him or her an atheist, well, do the math, religions become fascist forms of control in society.

~this opinion may shock and blacklist me even further but..
in Florida, considering attempted push for prayer in public school, abortion rights, right-to-work state and license plates etc.. and my favorite 'prayer day' on tax payer time.
atheists and affiliated are defenders of human rights to be free from the faith-based mob$, using high tech influence too.
even the feds have knowledge of these self proclaimed 'happy warriors'
search on Charlie Crist and Rothstein ponzi schemes; waste of workers' time. But these stories and opinions are hidden in the back of the Miami Herald from time to time.

it's a long road out of the dollars for god worshiping system that crashes economies and societies




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