Has anyone read "Infidel" by Ayaan Hirsi Ali?

If you haven't read this book yet, I highly recommend it (there's a foreword by Christopher Hitchens). Essentially, the book is an autobiography on the life of a Somalian born Muslim woman who after years of abuse and submission to her family and religion, ran away to Holland to seek refugee status (escaping an arranged marriage) and eventually became an atheist. It gives poignant insight into the Muslim world in Somalia, Saudi Arabia, Kenya, Ethiopia etc. a world that I know nothing about. For those of us who didn't take any world culture classes in college, and who haven't been to the middle east or any other third world Muslim countries....this book is a huge eye opener.

I finished it and thought to myself...man, I know so little about the rest of the world. Couldn't be happier to be in America and have the freedom to stand up and tell religious folks that I disagree with their crazy ideas, without worrying about being murdered

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One of my favorite books. There are some people who have the assumption that if you have something negative to say about Islam, you must not know anything about it (to know Islam is to love it??) or you don't "understand" it (understand and agree are different concepts). It's hard to say that Ali doesn't know anything about Islam, being that she grew up in several different Islamic countries and was very devout in her young adulthood. It does make you appreciate living in a country where you have basic freedoms--I don't care what Islamic apologists want to say about America, I'd certainly rather be here.
Yes I did...Before I got to read her book,I saw her do a talk on C Span...She was astounding. I was glued to my seat.
I also had trouble putting her book down. It was a real page turner.




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