Has anyone succeed in producing one species of accumulation of micromutataions?

I came across this image (attached) and I know there is evidence for evolution out there but what about micromutataions? I am not a scientist but am severely interested in this area of study and would like any information possible.

For those of you don't want to see the picture here is what is said:

"It is good to keep in mind ... that nobody has ever succeeded in producing even one new species by the accumulation of micromutations. Darwin's theory of natural selection has never had any proof, yet it has been universally accepted." 
(Prof. R Goldschmidt PhD, DSc Prof. Zoology, University of Calif. in Material Basis of Evolution Yale Univ. Press)

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While I haven't gone through these materials in detail, I would suggest you can answer your own question with that portion of the Talk Origins site which deals with speciation and macroevolution.

Cheers man... i'll have a look at it :)

The statement is confused. One would not expect to 'produce' a new species, but to 'observe' its occurrence in nature, at least if you are speaking of natural selection.
Micromutation refers to a small change, a single point mutation, which in itself does not cause speciation. There is a question of how to define species. Usually it is taken to mean a group in which two individuals can mate, but this does not work outside of the sphere of sexual reproduction. Speciation occurs when groups become isolated and can no longer reproduce.

On a different point, absolute proof in science is rare outside of mathematics. Instead evidence accumulates from a large number of experiments or observations. Scientific statements are held tentatively until new evidence shows how they may be limited or need modification.

Darwin begins his book with a discussion of breeding in captivity. He observed the changes breeders could produce through artificial selection and hypothesized that new species might occur from natural selection.

I know absolutely nothing about "producing one species of accumulation of micro mutations," I left my studies as a horticulturist after three semesters to marry the dream of my life and did not get to genetics.

To make matters even worse, this appears to be a major reference in creationist philosophy. Therefore, I will be an ardent follower of this question: Is creation by a superhuman energy true, or evolution? 

"The German geneticist Richard Goldschmidt was the first scientist to use the term "hopeful monster." Goldschmidt thought that small gradual changes could not bridge the hypothetical divide between microevolution and macroevolution. In his book, The Material Basis of Evolution (1940) he wrote, "the change from species to species is not a change involving more and more additional atomistic changes, but a complete change of the primary pattern or reaction system into a new one, which afterwards may again produce intraspecific variation by micro mutation." Goldschmidt believed the large changes in evolution were caused by macromutations (large mutations). His ideas about macromutations became known as the hopeful monster hypothesis which is considered a type of saltational evolution.


"Charles Darwin had denied saltational evolution by writing that evolutionary transformation always proceeds gradually and never in jumps."

~ Charles Darwin,  On the Origin of Species in 1859 

"Archaeological accounts of cultural change reveal a fundamental conflict: Some suggest that change is gradual, accelerating over time, whereas others indicate that it is punctuated, with long periods of stasis interspersed by sudden gains or losses of multiple traits. "

Oren Kolodny, Nicole Creanza, and Marcus W. Feldman  (2015 Dec 8) Evolution in leaps: The punctuated accumulation and loss of cultural innovations. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, PNAS.

macromutation (one word): complex mutation involving concurrent alteration of numerous characters.

micro mutation (two words): a small-scale or highly localized mutation; especially: one involving alteration at a single gene locus.

~ Merriam-Webster Dictionary

I did learn in my horticulture studies that evolution does occur in leaps. I look forward to learning from others in this group what I missed in 1956 and beyond.

Be careful here or you might get into info involving Ray Comfort's Crockaduck. Bible believers who don't believe Darwin always think that is funny. Personally I haven't lived long enough to see evidence one way or the other, - macro or micro.

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