I have been severely sleep deprived for a number of years, & cancer treatment didn't help it at all when I had to deal with that.

I have now been ''officially'' diagnosed but have bad reactions to prescription meds & don't know what else to try. So far I do the same routine rituals, bath, cool quiet room, ''sleep music'', hot milk, hot milk with brandy, chamomile tea, herbal valerian, melatonin, etc.

The dr. says I need a minimum of 6-8 hours straight solid sleep per 24 hours, but the most I can ever get is 2-4 of restless non-refreshing sleep, which after 10+ years is definitely not enough. Fibromyalgia contributes to the non-refreshing part.

Has anyone ever successfully solved this issue?


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Sounds serious, Patricia. But I have no idea what might help. Are you sure your sleep breathing is OK. My husband has problems for years, which were solved by a C-Pap. Sleep apnea isn't always realized by the sleeper herself.

Thanks for the clarification. The only suggestion I have is to deal with the inflammation part, and see if that improves your sleep.

I have pinched nerve and arthritis pains. I decided to try an anti-inflammatory diet. Quantitative data on inflammation of various foods was very helpful, especially at SelfNutritionData. After three days I experienced a remarkable reduction in pain, and I've never gone back to eating pro-inflammatory food. I'd suggest you try such a diet for four days, to see if it helps any. It can't hurt you.

You have to give up egg yolk, dairy food that's higher than 1% fat, red meat, much commercial baked goods made with inflammatory oils, margerine, mayonnaise, etc. I learned to spread extra virgin olive oil on my toast. I limit myself to three squares of chocolate a day. The only oil I use is good quality olive oil. It's a fascinating adventure, discovering which foods you've been eating all along make you feel worse than you need to feel. I learned that the farmed salmon I'd been eating for years was very pro-inflammatory and that wild salmon is super anti-inflammatory.

I felt as if I'd become two years younger.

It sounds as if you're already fairly low-inflammation, Patricia. My only questions about possible pro-inflammation diet then would be, do you eat margarine or butter or mayonnaise? I'd recommend brushing bread with extra virgin olive oil instead of either margarine or butter, and avoiding mayo entirely.

Here's a new study about inflammation and staying healthy as we age.

Controlling Triggers of Age-Related Inflammation Could Extend 'Heal...

While it doesn't address diet, it does show that inflammation control is important for staying healthy as we age.

Inflammation is the common denominator of many chronic age-related diseases ... even in the absence of a disease, inflammation can lead to serious loss of function throughout the body, reducing healthspan -- that portion of our lives spent relatively free of serious illness and disability.

I never heard of someone having stomach trouble from wild salmon. I thought it was fairly bland and benign. What happens when you eat it?

Your diet sounds similar to mine, excepting that I'm limited in the veggies and cereal I can eat due to carbohydrates.

When I had gastric problems with chemo, the nutritionist advised I eat no seeds and use sour dough bread instead. No white breads, or wheat breads, except sour dough. 

Patricia, I am so sorry to learn of your worsening sleep situation. Sorry I have nothing to offer. Telling you I am thinking of you does absolutely no good ... kind of like "I'll pray for you." 

My son, Craig, has a hard time sleeping, I will ask him if he has any ideas. He was a light sleeper from the moment of his birth and suffered because of it. Especially being a twin and sleeping in the same crib for some months until we solved that problem. Now he is a husband and dad of two lively boys and their night sounds keep him awake. Poor guy! 

Well, that bit of information is of no help either. So, Patricia, I am thinking of you and wishing you well. 

Not me.  I feel for you though. Like you I don't fall asleep until the early morning hours. Going to bed earlier only succedes in my lying awake irritated that I'm not asleep. I've found my sleep patterns change with the seasons.  I sleep very poorly in spring when the daylight hours start coming earlier as the days lenghten.  And don't sleep really well until fall comes back around, the days shorten and the temps cool down. Ruth may be right.  I know several people who need the c-pacp.




One of my routines when I have trouble sleeping is meditation; a calm concentration on my breathing. You don't have to breathe differently, just bring your attention back to your breathing everytime your thoughts wander away. No harm in trying it - but I'm afraid it's at best only a part of the solution.

That helps me Chris.  And the relaxition technique when you focus on relaxing your muscles one at a time.  From the top of your head to your toes.  Same idea as the breathing but focus on the muscles relaxing.

I have a friend who has trouble sleeping on account of years of alcohol abuse.  He uses marijuana to sleep.  Some cannot sleep when high but it puts him to bed.  Try that.

  James,That works for me.

I completely sympathize with you. I've had similar sleeping issues for about 10 years now. I use ambian nightly and it is the only thing I've found that works for me. I have not asked my doctor about medical marijuana but get if it works why not.

I have Hashimoto's and I've had periods of hyperthyroidism because of it.  The hyperthyroidism causes a pattern of insomnia where I may go to sleep fine (at 10:x pm) but I wake up in the early morning hours, often hungry. 

I read that thyroid hormones peak about 3 am so I think that's why this pattern of insomnia. 

When it was really bad I would lie awake all night, with colorful visions wheeling around me in the dark, and crash in the morning. 

Severe hyperthyroidism is very unpleasant! 

People commonly have more trouble sleeping as they get older.  




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