When I first came to the Nexus I liked it, great place and many conversation threads were awesome and highly clever and relaxed with out too many logical fallacies ( fallacy differs from the word mistake in the way that a fallacy is with malicious intentions)
The science and Social and a few more threads I loved!
What worries me is the extreme hate and contempt I see many members have against Stupid fucks, Morons, Assholes Retards, Imbecill and Shitfaces that we usually calls the Christians/Religious.
I know that we are an exclusive forum for atheists only. But that doesnt mean just cos they arent here and cant defend themselves mean we cant respect them and quit for example name calling that we kind of had to stop in 3rd grade when the teacher told us it is not good to call people bad names. Remember why? Because namecalling is a fallacy and horrible. Usually name calling points out lacks of debating intelligence or a sinister debating trick to win asskisses from friends. The hate I sense in the Nexus is as repulsive as any hate I see in war. Same same ole crap.
This forum can be the tool, the help and the positive inspiration that actually could catalyst people i to great actions of reinventing one self, to investigate with the most open and honesty about one self.

Instead I see many individuals here trapped in hatred, that refuses to let the golden rule include all people but instead the golden rule is obviously only for friends and family. Anyone not thinking like me deserves disrespect and preferably a smack in their faces.
Great! I cant wait to beat and insult my mother who is borderlining to like superstitious things. We are building quite a strong foundation to start a war. Fear, hate and guns we have allready!

Mocking, degrading and spitting on religious people here is for sure hurting and upsetting many, evento the absurd grade that even own members starts to feel the bad taste of constantly being focused on such inhuman values.

Cmon and reinvent yourself, be the best you can be, fair, balanced like the fair and balanced news we never see, we hate Faux News for their angled and twisted approach but it is so interesting to see us imitate them so well in our own behaviour. Balanced and fair is Ethics which I value highly but many times fail to uphold.
But not trying is a form of lying and one can never reach truths with lies or twisted truths.

I understand the ventilating needs but this is just to much, like a KKK forum on Afro Americans ( I wouldnt dare saying the N word since that is as repulsive as constantly calling Christians Stupids.)

I have lost the taste I had for Atheist Nexus and wont hang out here so much, Im kind of sensitive to elitism and hate. Creeps me
I just wanted to let you know how I saw this since I dont see anyone else reflecting on this, which might mean that the Nexus is a very "tight" group. We have problem with this in a swedish atheist and science forum, the forum looses members now because who In his right mind wants to help sharing a message of hate?

Is this the truth you would like to present yourself as:?

Hi, Im Andy, Im an atheist and I just wish to bash the heads of all believing in supernatural stuff, I am member of Atheist Nexus, a great forum were we talk about athism, science, social issues and many great topic such as How stupid Christians are, What is the most stupiest thing Christians have said, How christians are idiots, How to attack a christian and how to make Christians go to Jail;)

This smells doesnt it? So can we rise above ourselves or has it come to the point were we Like to be Narrow minded, patronising and spitting on superstitious people that we even eger defend that Right of Freedom to say what we want? Like a troll? Everytime you spit, you spit in the face of your own nobleness/nobility!
( mi englis haz suxs)

With humble regards

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I am a new member here. I fully agree with you that we as "enlightened atheists" should show tolerance towards all religious people. I myself has only realised recently (about 2 years ago) that there really is no god. I spend all my life searching for the answers and once i discovered what i then thought was the horrible truth, it took a lot of guts to convert. All religious people are holding on to their faith through fear. Not that i was ever a devout christian....just brought up believing that god exists.....I now try not to get into arguments with anybody that is clearly not an atheist as there really is no point to it. It is a lonely road to walk as an atheist. And bashing religious people only makes us act just like them....as people usually belittles others that dont agree with their viewpoint as this makes them feel important....
I am not saying we should tolerate their acts.....just be more tolerant towards them as weaklings....big difference.....and that still does not give them the right to shove their religion in my face.......i was referring to what Anders said "What worries me is the extreme hate and contempt I see many members have against Stupid fucks, Morons, Assholes Retards, Imbecill and Shitfaces that we usually calls the Christians/Religious." Clearly most religious people do not have the intelligence nor reasoning power to realise that theyve been conned......
GJ, I like how you express yourself. I agree, there is no reason to tolerate the Borg-like forces of religion. "You will be assimilated" is the common thread of most successful religion, and that follows with "or else you will be harrassed, discriminated against, mistreated, forced to accept religious intolerance, and often, killed".

The naivete of this post frustrates me. I too have been trying to decide if it is satire.

I would not respond at all, except that it is calling out Nexus as intolerant. That's incorrect and shortsighted.
Well said..I agree...I also don't like it when I'm told how I "should" behave.
I'm perfectly willing to treat the theists as they treat me. I recently had an incident, recorded here, which worked out reasonably amicably and without ruffled feathers on either side of the equation. My visitors were polite and didn't push their position once I made it clear to them that no amount of pushing on their part would work.

If someone wants to attempt to get in my face, I have no compunction about slitting either their arguments or their person from crotch to neck, depending on the severity of the encounter. I don't make a practice of starting fights. I do, however, insist on finishing them.
Agree. One of my good friends (now dead) was a Methodist minister, we were able to discuss even religion in an open and civil manner. Our Theist / Atheist differences were on the same level as our Denver Broncos / Seattle Seahawks differences.
OTOH, if a Theist gets in my face with their bullshit then they are going to hear some shit they won't like (and I have had a number of those encounters ).
Sorry. I have to draw the line at tolerating Denver Broncos fans.
I have zero tolerance for religion or other forms of stupidity, but of course, I think all human beings are amazing, and life is precious. I think you can be insulting towards imaginary gods, ridiculous ideas, and idiotic comments without being hateful of a particular people.
I would hate the religious to agree with me.....we as atheists agree that it takes a higher IQ to be able to see through religion....so how can the religious agree with me on anything....scary thought....
well they do take pot shots at their imaginary friend very personally, but as far as I'm concerned, the non existent have no rights, and deserve no respect.

"No-one deserves to be treated like an idiot"

(ergo god deserves to be treated like an idiot)




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