When I first came to the Nexus I liked it, great place and many conversation threads were awesome and highly clever and relaxed with out too many logical fallacies ( fallacy differs from the word mistake in the way that a fallacy is with malicious intentions)
The science and Social and a few more threads I loved!
What worries me is the extreme hate and contempt I see many members have against Stupid fucks, Morons, Assholes Retards, Imbecill and Shitfaces that we usually calls the Christians/Religious.
I know that we are an exclusive forum for atheists only. But that doesnt mean just cos they arent here and cant defend themselves mean we cant respect them and quit for example name calling that we kind of had to stop in 3rd grade when the teacher told us it is not good to call people bad names. Remember why? Because namecalling is a fallacy and horrible. Usually name calling points out lacks of debating intelligence or a sinister debating trick to win asskisses from friends. The hate I sense in the Nexus is as repulsive as any hate I see in war. Same same ole crap.
This forum can be the tool, the help and the positive inspiration that actually could catalyst people i to great actions of reinventing one self, to investigate with the most open and honesty about one self.

Instead I see many individuals here trapped in hatred, that refuses to let the golden rule include all people but instead the golden rule is obviously only for friends and family. Anyone not thinking like me deserves disrespect and preferably a smack in their faces.
Great! I cant wait to beat and insult my mother who is borderlining to like superstitious things. We are building quite a strong foundation to start a war. Fear, hate and guns we have allready!

Mocking, degrading and spitting on religious people here is for sure hurting and upsetting many, evento the absurd grade that even own members starts to feel the bad taste of constantly being focused on such inhuman values.

Cmon and reinvent yourself, be the best you can be, fair, balanced like the fair and balanced news we never see, we hate Faux News for their angled and twisted approach but it is so interesting to see us imitate them so well in our own behaviour. Balanced and fair is Ethics which I value highly but many times fail to uphold.
But not trying is a form of lying and one can never reach truths with lies or twisted truths.

I understand the ventilating needs but this is just to much, like a KKK forum on Afro Americans ( I wouldnt dare saying the N word since that is as repulsive as constantly calling Christians Stupids.)

I have lost the taste I had for Atheist Nexus and wont hang out here so much, Im kind of sensitive to elitism and hate. Creeps me
I just wanted to let you know how I saw this since I dont see anyone else reflecting on this, which might mean that the Nexus is a very "tight" group. We have problem with this in a swedish atheist and science forum, the forum looses members now because who In his right mind wants to help sharing a message of hate?

Is this the truth you would like to present yourself as:?

Hi, Im Andy, Im an atheist and I just wish to bash the heads of all believing in supernatural stuff, I am member of Atheist Nexus, a great forum were we talk about athism, science, social issues and many great topic such as How stupid Christians are, What is the most stupiest thing Christians have said, How christians are idiots, How to attack a christian and how to make Christians go to Jail;)

This smells doesnt it? So can we rise above ourselves or has it come to the point were we Like to be Narrow minded, patronising and spitting on superstitious people that we even eger defend that Right of Freedom to say what we want? Like a troll? Everytime you spit, you spit in the face of your own nobleness/nobility!
( mi englis haz suxs)

With humble regards

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Because we're so good at it??
i just joined and have read your post and agree that using hate here or anywhere

is not for me.

i thought this group was for the purpose of discussing individual attitudes about atheism, and the underlying basis for an individual's nonbeliefs, etc

so your analysis of this group doesn't make the group sound promising for me

hopefully other posts will describe more positive aspects of the group

live in hope
Oh please. Don't let one guy's post shape your opinion. There are plenty of "proactive" things here. This isn't a hate group, quite the opposite. It's just that the religious can get a tad bit annoying from time to time.
This "group" is huge. We have over 700 groups, the forums, personal blogs, the chat room, etc... If one part of the site, or one discussion is not to your taste, I'm sure another part will be.
I don't like people as a whole. I especially don't like the religious as a whole. To me, everyone is an "enemy" until proven otherwise. I use the term "enemy" loosely. This doesn't mean that I'm out for blood, but rather that I won't trust until it is proven to me that they are something otherwise. I have no more inherent trust or love for people and I don't expect them to have any with me. I agree with what has been said about "reevaluating the concept of extreme hate." I haven't seen anyone stating that a holocaust of the religious is in order, and any "hate" here certainly isn't comparable to war hate. That's a completely different situation altogether and I don't think that you can compare it to what's happening here. So what if they get called a few names? Doesn't mean anyone wants anyone else dead. Hell, we're immoral baby killers to plenty of them, so screw it.
Wow, thanks for all your posts, I understand much better and this week Im not pissed as last week, had a horrible week and as you all can see I wrote a post before taking longer time to think and the result was a hysterical/rant. I was very insensitive and too quick for my own good. I gotta apologize since its wasnt fair nor balanced. I feel a little bit silly and stupid now hehe;) I will go to New York in the summer and maybe I get a better perspective on how the christians in America are. Thanks all for your responses, It taught me valuable lessons. I think the first reply with the Fart Sound summed it up pretty good. Yes.. My post was just a fart. Can everyone please pretend like you never read it? Im still embarrest:/ ;)

thanks anyhow, I still feel welcomed;)
Never read what?
I second what daniel said, religious people in america are typically very forceful and will stuff religion into every place they can (i'm only speaking from my experience). New York is more of an escape i believe from what a typical american has to experience, if you want to know why some people are so angry towards theists i recommend touring what we refer to as "the bible belt". For example I can't cut on my t.v. for early morning television without every station subsequently being televangelists, and even though i show every sign of a successful future, I think my family is more "worried" about me than anyone in my family due to me being the only non-christian. Also we have more churches than houses in some parts of my state....i'm not sure how that works out.
Don't forget the Creation Museum.
Anders said "I will go to New York in the summer and maybe I get a better perspective on how the christians in America are"

Hi Anders,id say its a good idea ,its likely so very different to what you have experienced so far .Us folks from other countrys dont expect people from countries like yours, to feel quite as angry about superstitious faith beliefs like many of us might do.Because we understand you most likely dont have quite the same experiences,so maybe when you go to New York you will better understand that difference too.

Sadlly change isnt always obtained through only peaceful protest.When enough is enough sometimes there is good reason why some people really need to express how they honestly feel about matters.It might be expressing some anger of racism or it might be about slaughter of whales or prolification of nuclear weapons etc.But it doesnt always nessarily mean people actually have a personal hatered of somebody.

There is real good reason why some folks have a great dislike of superstitious faith.
Andy; this is my day... I get up at 6 and go to my 85 yr old uncles house whomis alone and spend time with him(he was a CIA agent int he old days) cook him brkfst and dress his leg wound. Then go to see my dying mother and take care of her needs, bathing , hygiene, food etc. and the I go to work. Then I revisit the whole thing over after work with many phone calls in the meantime from mostly my Dad who forgets what pills to give Mom etc. I've been doing this for 8 months and th irony is I am an atheist. The only atheist in my family. I don't preach; I do what needs to be done. These are octogenarians who've spent their whole life praying to an invisible friend who now seems to have let them down and they are scared to die. Sometimes when I get frustrated with their Jesus stuff I have to bite my tongue and do the next right thing. What frosts my pumpkin is the rest of my siblings(7) are still gaga about god yet don't provide the care that these elders need. I don't prosletyze my non-belief. There are lots of people like me. Peace, Joe
Joe - thanks for this post. I'm not sure it addresses the OP - it was more of a thoughtful blog entry that defies the common stereotype of the godless hedonist amidst the selfless, pious missionaries. In the end, I do think that standing up for the active compassion of we who find life precious precisely because it is temporary and extremely rare is actually one of the best ways to combat the fallacious stereotypes of those holier-than-thou, self-righteous loudmouths who, even when they do perform an act of charity, have to sprinkle Jesus all over it.

Yes, Joe - we are everywhere.


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