Quick question to you all, has Christmas been secularized?

I've thought about this for a few days and while this should probably wait until after Thanksgiving, I thought I might ask what you thought about the secularization of Christmas.

As of now, as I type this, I happen to believe that Christmas has been, for all intents and purposes, secularized. It is a religious holiday in name only like Halloween.

For me, evidence of this is that Christians feel compelled to prompt us to 'Remember the reason for the season' (which can only mean that we shouldn't forget that the plane of the Earth's rotation is not parallel to the plane of the Earth's orbit around the Sun) implying that people have forgotten.

I'm of the opinion that the Christians have already lost the war on this one, the co-opting of pagan rituals hundreds of years ago to get people to care about Jesus more seems to have backfired.

I think the secularization of Christmas has been done. What do you think?

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You make some very good points.
I do wonder,if maybe in a hundred years or so the christ will be totally removed from the holiday. A lot of people already write it without that name as it is...And a lot of holiday cards just say "Happy Holidays"...
"Quick question to you all, has Christmas been secularized?"

Speaking only for myself: absolutely.

I spend Christmas day with my family. We exchange gifts,have a great lunch and enjoy each other's company.

My only concern Christmas day is avoiding being killed by some drunk driver.

I care not a jot or a tittle or jot what others do although I get a little peeved when I turn on the TV and am accosted by a large dollop of humbuggery..
You guys know who we have to thank for this, right?

Macy's Department Store and Coca Cola.
Coca Cola > Jesus
"Macy's Department Store " WHO?

We don't have Macy's here. Sadly,we DO have Coca Cola,which I drink only when it's on special,@ 2 litres (half a gallon) for $2 or less. I actually prefer Pepsi and always have.

The secularisation of Christmas began in the C19th.

I guess it may be different in America. Here in irreverent Australia, Christmas is very much a secular Holiday. Fortunately we lack the population to have a large (and powerful) lunar religious right.Normally,we manage ignore 'em.

A total of 8% of Aussies admit to attending church regularly.There is actually only ONE day of the year Aussies as a nation revere; ANZAC DAY.(April 25th)

Watch the movie "Miracle on 34th Street" (which, despite the title, really has nothing to do with the Christian religion). The movie is not a true story, but does portray historical people and companies (featuring Macy's) and gives you a general idea of the retail environment at that time.
I always knew I should move to Australia! It seems like a great country. I am from the US (kansas actually, and now living in Nebraska) and I went to school in Canada for a year, while I was in Canada I used to joke around with a friend that we were going to move to Australia. Just quit North America all together! Maybe some day....
well my name is really Dorothy Virginia, but they made me change in when I moved to Canada
Well it is becomes hot during Christmas in Australia due to being summer in the southern hemisphere.
What do you think?

I don't think christmas is really secularized, although people make of it what they will. As far as I'm concerned, the more secularized everything becomes, the better. It's officially a secular holiday in the US, but I don't buy it.

The christian aspect of christmas permeates the entire "holiday season". We'd be more accurate if we renamed December "Christmas month". It's not the 10th month anyway, it's the 12th. The Jesus stuff, the nativity scenes, the caroles, the candles, are all part of the religious aspect. The christmas hamster does not have religious significance, but that's because I just made it up.

When I went to live for a year in Turkey, I was told it was a secularized society. The government was democratic and elected. The caliphs and the caliphate had long been abolished. So was the veil. But Islam was everywhere, in the architecture, the calls to prayer, the imagery, the tradition, and clothing that suggested, but didn't replicate, former Islamic garb. After 18 months, when I returned to the US, I understood that the US is a christian country, even though it's secular too. It's like a fish looking at water - can't see it. And christmas is a christian holiday, even if the christmas nutria originated in south america. I just made that up too.

Christmas's christianism is the same way. Even if it came from coopting multiple other religious and superstitious and cultural traditions, after more than a thousand years of dominating Western culture, christmas is christian. I can't help but view all other nonchristmas christmases as being reactionary to, and therefore, part of christmas. Even if they came first. You can't have the "anti-christmas" without having christmas.

I guess you could say I'm not too enthusiastic about the Christmonth. That goes beyond your question, Louis, but it's like saying "Anne Coulter" in front of Felch - soon he'll pop up with an SS poster of the little republican elfette. Say Christmas in front of me and I start twitching and sputtering.
I dunno, Dan. When I turn on the TV all I see is shopping ads. There's lots of fake Christmas snow and Christmas hats and red and green but no Jesus, no nativity, not even a dainty cross. There is, however, the occasional star. Though Christians try to decorate their houses with religious garb the tone of the majority is basicly secular. At the college where my mom works I'm pretty sure they're not even allowed to have a Christmas tree up. No religion allowed.
I agree that the public celebration of christmas has been secularized, well, maybe de-sectarianized is a better word, but ultimately I agree with Daniel. The roots of the holiday are still steeped in religious tradition. A truly secular nation would abolish the holiday completely.




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