Becoming more vocal about my atheism has had an affect on many of my relationships. 

What I'm beginning to see is how the devoutly religious people categorize the non believers.  The box they seem to try to put us in is "evil" or that we are now the "devil."

This is such an ignorant approach but it requires "us" to be even more patient with the religious.  To me, patience, love, and understanding is the only way we can begin to show them how we can live good and loving lives without religion. 

A person doesn't need to believe in a god or gods to have love in their lives. 

Have you gained or lost friends and/or relationships because of your atheism? 

I would say, in raw numbers of relationships, that I've lost more than I've gained.  But the quality of my relationships has improved. 

What about you? 

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I was always an atheist and never hid that fact so, no my relationships haven't changed.
It's definitely caused strain between my Catholic mother and I, as I continually point out her tithing directly finances the legal defense and cover-up-relocating of pedophiles and rapists. My anti-religious stance has also cost me a few girlfriends over the years.
It definitely put a strain on my relationships. Dad is a pentecostal preacher....very religious family. All of my friends were christian...when I broke away from christianity...I lost almost all of my friends. Well, all but two. And even with those two...religion isn't something we discuss.
Have you read the Bible? It allows for racism.
And don't forget sexism, insest, killing of your own children, etc. Great bed time reading! (sarcasm). Don't lift your hand to strike that man, but instead take my daughter and do what you will with her.... yeah that kind of garbage!
I know! Exactly. Also, the bible means whatever the hell the reader wants it to mean according to the thousands of branches of christianity out there. lol
I have had no problems with my family since I determined that I was an Atheist. A conclusion I came to after I quit drinking, but that is a different story. In fact my family did not believe me at first probably because we were raised as protestants.

I have noticed that some people where I work act strangely towards me mainly by the way that they look at me. I have not said that I was an Atheist but I have the American Atheist license plate on my car,and a sticker on a water jug I bring to work. Or it may just be because I listen to heavy metal music loudly in the parking lot. I wear t-shirts that people may not like which are heavy metal and my Freedom is the distance between church and state shirt.

I see it as their loss.
Nope. I was always an atheist. My grandmothers were both atheists, as were my great grandmothers (My Great Grandfather was the Fire Chief for the town of Duxbury, MA, and the town butcher. He was famous for his atheism). My parents are atheists are are my 2 brothers and sister and their families. My sister-in-law was born Italian Catholic, but is agnostic now. My wife is Presbyterian.
Wow! You were fortunate to be born into a family full of freethinkers!
Wow...just wow!
I see why Darwin grew a beard. Hugh, wah...?
Oh, my fundy relative, she's upset about gay parents or whatever the holy tube tells her (so on that note beware some of your relatives may turn you in or set you up for the pastor in charge...?). I tell her there are homosexual folks in the military, and running the same way you may have in life from hate or violence and welcome to the world post desert-jungle-opium-opium influence and black market of pill dirtypill terrors faith based errors... what?

Take care folks. (build more concrete skate parks (with ampitheatres)! Non-free countries hate that)

Education is key (that's why it's corrupted to then be purchased by the low down dirty bidders; then came the internet)
I have definitely lost friends over my atheism. It's worse when you move often, because you have to face rejection all over again in a new town. After we moved to this town in August 2009, I made what I thought were some very open-minded friends, but after I began telling people (sometime in October 2009) that I was an atheist and was raising my daughter that way...well...people just stopped interacting with me. The family of my daughter's best friend (she'd never had a best friend until we moved here) stopped calling and coming over almost immediately. When I'd run into some of my "friends" in the grocery store, they'd either look the other way or right through me.

I felt a little better a couple of days ago when someone actually spoke to me for the first time in ages. She was a lady that I knew from the elementary school here. We were never really very close (so she might not even know about my atheism), but it was nice to have someone smile at me and treat me like a functional member of the community.

Probably the worst loss recently was an animist friend of mine. We'd been friends for about six years, and we just clicked on so many levels, but when we first met, I was more tolerant of religions than I am now. I guess I've changed quite a bit. Anyway, I told him recently that I would gladly erase all religions from the world if it were within my power, and I lost him. Immediately. Probably forever. We used to be lovers and hiking partners, and now I don't even know if he's okay. It really hurts.




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